Kassewitz: Records Set but Markets Could be Quiet This Week

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The Dow Jones Industrial Average and the Standard and Poors 500 index are in record territory after gains during the first week of June.  It's been a heady time for investors.

But our stock analyst, Phil Kassewitz, tells us he sees a quiet week ahead because there are no big events moving the markets in the days to come.

"Things have thawed out well and all kinds of good numbers are starting to come in," said Kassewitz during a live interview on "Good Morning Quad Cities".

Kassewitz says the long, cold winter held back economic growth, particularly in the construction sector.  That limited housing growth, business expansion, and Spring hiring.

"Trend is your friend," said Kassewitz regarding Friday's modest employment numbers that shows gradual, not dramatic growth.

"The trend for unemployment is getting better and so the market is responding well."