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Illinois dubbed as a highly stressed state, Iowa one of the most relaxed

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Movoto Blog's Most Stressed States in America

Movoto Blog's Most Stressed States in America

Movoto Blog’s Most Stressed States in America

Movoto Real Estate, a company with branches nationwide, has dubbed Illinois one of the most stressed-out states in the country.

On their blog, they listed the top ten Most Stressed States in America, which included states within the continental United States. Illinois fell in at number 6. Ironically, Iowa came in as one of the most relaxed states.

Staff members at Movoto Blog said the way they measured each state’s stress level was by looking at root causes that generally cause people anxiety: Commute times, unemployment, hours worked, population density, percentage of income spent on housing, and percentage of population without health insurance (data came from the U.S. Census’ American Community Survey from 2008-2012).

The findings from each state were compared among the others and ranked accordingly. The higher each state scored in the different categories, the higher it ranked on the overall list.

Illinois was listed as the sixth most stressed state for its high rank for long commute times, unemployment rate, and population density.

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Iowa was ranked more on the relaxed end of the scale, landing the 47th position on the most stressed states list. Iowa received very low ranks in the unemployment rate, lack of health insurance, and long commute categories.

Florida was labeled as the most stressed state, followed by Georgia and New Jersey.

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