I-80 shut down for several hours after crash near Atkinson

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Traffic on I-80 was backed up Friday evening after an accident between Atkinson and Annawan.

A spokesperson from the Illinois State Police said shortly after 7 p.m. Friday, June 6, 2014 a semi that was headed eastbound on I-80 struck another semi that was parked on the shoulder at milepost 32. The parked semi then caught fire.

Eastbound and westbound traffic on I-80 was stopped after the crash. Illinois State Police said both eastbound and westbound traffic would be shut down for several hours.

Police said traffic was being rerouted onto U.S. 6, south of the interstate.

News 8 crews saw emergency vehicles and a hazmat team traveling eastbound toward the reported accident using the westbound lanes.


  • Rick

    The detourer at Anawan was a 2 hour stop and go to Atkinson where they were stopping the west bound lane so the 53 foot tractor trailers could make the turn onto route 6 east. They than made all the west bound to continue Geneseo rather than get on 80 west at Atkinson. That was the worst 2 hours ever!

    • Josh

      Just be glad you weren’t closer to the actual wreck. I was stuck on westbound I-80 for two hours BEFORE I was able to get onto route 6. Took a total of 4 hours to get from Anawan to Atkinson.

  • Michelle

    We were stuck on I 80 E about a mile from the accident for 6 hours. We didn’t get to move until 3:00am Saturday morning.

  • br

    I was 3 cars ahead of that semi and saw the crash in my rearview mirror. HUGE fireball and smoke when that semi launched into the median. Glad I was on that side and not the side that had to stop. Never did hear if anyone was hurt/killed in it.

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