Illinois cell phone thief posts selfie to victim’s Facebook page

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A woman whose cell phone disappeared at an Illinois discount store now says the thief is making vulgar posts to her Facebook page and demanding money in exchange for the phone.

Sandy Barbee says she was shopping at Sam’s Club in O’Fallon on Tuesday, June 3, 2014, when she discovered her iPhone5 was missing according to our sister station KTVI.

Hours later, a selfie of an unknown woman, with a profane caption, appeared on Barbee’s Facebook page.

Barbee’s daughter, Alicia Warren, shared the post online, hoping to identify the woman in the photo.

Barbee says when she called the phone, a woman at the other end swore at her and said “if you want your phone you better give me money.”

“Without my phone I am lost because that`s my only phone I don`t have a house phone. It`s for my business. They have a lot of nerve to do this they should’ve returned it I would’ve been thankful.” Barbee said.


  • cindy

    ^^^^ Really?? What an unnecessary comment. It’s people like you that keeps prejudice amongst us. (Shaking my head in disgust) Shame on you!!

  • Kim W

    Tracy… that is very uncalled for!!!! Others steal too, not just black people. Yes this woman happened to be black but I am sure she didn’t steal because she was black.

  • Hot Karl

    Someone has to know her we need to figure out who it is and give her her one phone call on a pay phone from jail!

  • Hot Karl

    We need to get this chick behind bars and give her a phone and give her her one phone call…… From JAIL!

  • Rebecca Zachary

    If anyone personally knows Sandy or her family, here’s what you do. Offer a reward for whomever turns in the girl. Take her picture from Fb, enlarge it, get a bunch of copies made of her pic, and plaster it all over town; gas stations, movie theaters, grocery stores, department stores. At the mall. Anywhere that she might be. If she’s smart she’ll turn in the phone before someone turns her in.

  • william hull

    Its People like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson that keep the Racist card goings. .. And it just goes to show you how STUPID this BLACK woman was!!! Idiot!!!! Yep….

  • Heather

    You can GPS your phone!! My husband does the Find My Iphone App and find it. You can lock it down so she can’t use it and go straight to the source. This is not that difficult.

  • Ted M.

    I am not quite sure how this is news, you can easily get your phone tracked, locked down, and the person’s location is incredible easy to track because there is a GPS chip in the phone. How do you think when the phone asks you to use your location it knows where you are lol…

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