Falcon chick dies hours after banding ceremony in Davenport

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Marta the falcon chick 6-3-14 (WQAD Photo)

The peregrine falcon chick hatched at MidAmerican Energy in Davenport fell from her nesting box hours after she got an ID band and was officially named.

At a ceremony Tuesday morning, June 3, 2014, the chick was banded and identified as a female.

Her name is “Marta.”  The name is Czech in origin, and means “lady” or “the lady.”

Marta hatched May 8, 2014.  Hers was the only one of four eggs on the Davenport nest to hatch in 2014.

Scorpio, the female and P/D, the male, have raised more than a dozen chicks since they made the nest their home in 2003.

A media relations representative for MidAmerican Energy confirmed Marta fell from her nesting box and died Tuesday afternoon, June 3.

MidAmerican Energy will continue its dedication to protect peregrine falcons, including their Peregrine falcon nesting program, the representative said.

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  • alex smith

    leave the falcon chicks alone. Mom , dad and chicks know what to do.

    massive moving and handling is not a natural thing for them

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