Davenport offers last chance for drivers with overdue red light/speed camera tickets

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City officials say anyone with an outstanding photo enforcement traffic ticket in Davenport has one more chance to pay it before facing steep fines and harsh penalties for waiting.

Davenport has red light enforcement cameras at a dozen intersections, and seven of those cameras are also used to enforce speed zones.

Beginning June 3, 2014, Davenport joined forces with the State of Iowa to prevent drivers from renewing vehicle registrations, selling a vehicle or transferring a title if the driver has a photo enforcement citations that are 60 or more days overdue.  Those overdue citations are also each subject to a $25 collection fee.

But, they're offering one more chance for drivers with overdue photo enforcement fines.

"The City is offering drivers an amnesty period from June 3, 2014 to August 4, 2014," according to a statement from the city.  "Drivers who pay their citations during the amnesty period will not be subject to the registration hold or collection fee.  Drivers who do not settle accounts before the amnesty period deadline will incur fees starting August 5, 2014."

City officials say the tickets remain valid no matter how long ago they were issued.  They are the responsibility of the vehicle owner, regardless of who was actually driving.

Drivers with unpaid traffic fines should receive notice by mail; the city planned to begin sending those letters June 5, 2014.  If you're not sure whether you have an outstanding citation, you can also call Davenport Photo Enforcement customer service at (877) 874-2338 between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Drivers can pay outstanding citations by phone at that same customer service number, by mail or online at  Be prepared to enter your license number, citation number and city code DVNPRT.  It can take up to ten days to remove a vehicle registration hold after the account is paid in full.

The city has more information about enforcement online - click here.






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  • dewnme2

    The City of Davenport is the worst. They are only concerned about making money so they can blow millions on another stupid project and not have any acoountability for the spending. I wouldn’t live in Davenport if it was the last place on earth. I won’t spend money or patronize any businesses in Davenport because of there traffic cameras and little white van and I know that it impacts there city more than they know.

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