Viral Video: Neglected goat and burro reunited after being rescued

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A 10-year-old goat was sent to an animal sanctuary called Animal Place after he was rescued from a neglectful home.

The goat, Mr. G, became very depressed after being separated from a burro named Jellybean that he had lived with in a home with a dozen dogs and another barnyard animal, according to Animal Place.

Animal Place, which has two animal shelter locations in California, took in Mr. G, but for six days could not get him to eat and be active.

“Staff physically moved Mr. G to ensure he didn’t spend too long lying down,” said a spokesperson from Animal Place.

Health exams revealed that the goat was in fine health, and staff realized he was depressed.

The facility made arrangements to get the burro to their location so they could reunite the friends.

Animal Place said that as soon as Mr. G saw Jellybean he “erupted from his prone position, snorting and inhaling Jellybean’s presence.”

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