“No SAU Stadium” signs stolen from several front yards

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The controversial plan for a St. Ambrose University Stadium has reached the neighborhood's front yards.

There is something missing from Anna Snyder's yard.

"Yeah, that red sign that you have out, you know," she said.

A "No SAU Stadium" sign is also missing from Mike Wilcox's front yard.

"I was out of town for work today and noticed my sign was missing as well as the other signs in my immediate neighborhood here," said Wilcox.

The "Yes SAU Stadium" sign across from his house is still in his neighbor's front yard.

"That one's still there," said Wilcox.

Signs opposing the stadium are gone from yards on Gaines, Hayes and Garfield. Davenport Police say, so far, six stolen signs have been reported to them.

"Well, I think it's terrible...I'd like to know who in the world did it, must have been somebody that was all for it," said Snyder.

"I was sort of disconcerted by it, you know, everyone has a right to express their opinion," said Wilcox.

Whoever took the signs was nice enough to leave some posts behind, but could be charged with theft in the 5th degree, which is a simple misdemeanor.

"It's sort of taking away your free speech rights," said Wilcox.

A detective is on the case and extra squad cars will be patrolling the area.