Pathologist says hammer is murder weapon in Sheley case

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Day three of the Nicholas Sheley murder trial wrapped up Wednesday, where a witness testified he believes all four victims were killed with a hammer.

Forensic pathologist Dr. Mark Peters performed autopsies on Kenneth Ulve, Brock Branson, Ki Blake, and her two year old son, Dayan on July 1, 2008.

Sheley is accused of killing all four in anĀ  "ambush" attack in an apartment building in Rock Falls during a crime spree that ended with 8 people dead.

Dr. Peters testified that all died from blows to the head, from a hammer.

"That's the only way you can get a skull injury like that, is with a hammer", he said on the witness stand.

Dr. Peters testified that Ulve was struck on the head almost a dozen times.

"He's got 11 separate blunt impact sites", he said.

Testimony resumes Thursday.


  • jeff

    Missouri awaits you nick. They will set an example of what happens to those who are terrorized when visiting their state. They want to end your life with a needle. Enjoy your time left on earth. Hell awaits you in the execution chamber.

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