SouthPark Mall ushers in new era with renovations

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SouthPark Mall is starting extensive renovations in Moline. The 40-year-old shopping center is freshening its look for the future.

Heavy equipment tears at the former Sears building on Tuesday. Giant claws rip apart the past.

"It's fun to be part of a revitalization," said Bill Hass, Valley Construction.

Revitalization for the future at SouthPark Mall. It's a future based on the latest trends.

"It will be very guest-friendly," said Kathy Jurgens, senior property manager. "We want the guests to come, stay and relax for a long time."

The landmark location is getting a new look. There's demolition, renovation and construction. Designs to enhance the shopping experience. It's a treat to see the plans go from concept to reality.

"When you see what's going to come down the line, it's exciting," she said.

The project is making the most of its materials. Nearly everything coming down will be recycled in some way.

That green strategy will create new uses for most of the debris. There will be less for the landfill, and more for re-use.

"We won't have 2,000 truckloads of material going out into city streets and across the mall," Hass said.

Those giant claws will be chewing for about six weeks. SouthPark should be ready for its new look in November.

All stores will remain open during the project.

"It will make a big change," Jurgens concluded. "I think a lot of people will be coming out to see the activity."

It's activity for a new era at SouthPark Mall.

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