Sheley Trial Day 2: Crime scene video, neighbors testify

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Jurors in the Nicholas Sheley murder trial in Rock Island on Tuesday were shown video of the crime scene from June 30, 2008, the day four bodies were discovered in a Rock Falls apartment building.

Sheley is on trial for the murders of Brock Branson, Kilynna Blake, her 2-year old son Dayan, and Kenneth Ulve. All were living in the two bedroom apartment at the time.

Neighbors testified that around 11pm on June 28, they heard a scream and thumping noises from the apartment, and were concerned but did not call police.

Neighbor Chastity Gibbons testified the noise woke her out of a sound sleep.

"I heard a loud thud, it sounded like something had been dropped on something, like something had fallen. After the thump, I hear Kilynna say, Oh God. Don't. She sounded scared", Gibbons told the juiry.

Matthew Johnson, who was at the apartment building that night, testified he head a "bloodcurdling" scream that night.

The courtroom was packed on Tuesday, with many family members of the four victims in attendance, including Justina Port, the mother of Kenneth Ulve.

She is staying at a local motel this week instead of making the 45 minute trip every day from Rock Falls. She doesn't want to miss a day, after six years of waiting for the trial to start.

"We're here to make sure he gets justice and we get our justice. I wanted to talk to (Sheley) the first year. Face to face. You cry a lot for the first 4 or 5 years and you get a little tougher", Port said.

Testimony resumes Wednesday.