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Warren County farmers get in ‘on the ground floor’ of growing medical marijuana

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Two brothers in Roseville, Illinois are planning to start growing medical marijuana to get in on an up-and-coming business.

Co-owners of a construction company called Huston Land Improvement, Andy and Frank Huston also farm 1,700 acres.

They raise cattle and  harvest traditional crops like corn, soybeans, and hay,  but marijuana is the next on their list.

"It was actually my brother's idea," Frank said, pointing his finger at his younger brother Andy. "He got to thinking about it and said there are other states that have done it and it seems to be working."

Andy wanted his share of building an industry from the ground up.

"There hardly has been anything in my lifetime that you can get into on the ground floor," Andy said, glaring over his field of corn that's beginning to sprout from the ground. "It's going to be good for Roseville because it's going to bring in some pretty decent jobs."

If the Illinois Department of Agriculture accept Andy and Frank's application, the brothers say it will provide at least 20 high-paying jobs. They plan to grow for the Chicago-based company Salveo Health and Wellness.

Currently, the Huston brothers are working closely with Salveo Health and Wellness on their application. They must outline specifically where the cultivation center will be located, provide controlled entrances and exits, 24-hour camera surveillance and an alarm system.

"The building is going to be 10,500 square feet," said Andy, pointing to the empty lot behind parked tractors. "We're figuring we will grow about 1,200 plants."

The earliest the Huston brothers will submit their application is August 2014. Currently, the Department of Agriculture's criteria pertaining to marijuana cultivation centers is being reviewed by the state.

The Hustons have met with the Warren County Building and Grounds Committee. They briefed county members on their plan. Although the company does not need county approval, the Hustons are seeking county support to help in their application efforts with the state.

Andy Huston says he will be traveling to Colorado and California this upcoming summer to educate himself on growing cannabis.


  • Norman Gooding

    I suggest every person get the free online “Growers Bible”,,,when we the people take marijuana away form our government science will put it back in everyone’s medicine cabinet and knowledge of how to make your own medicines from a plant you can grow in your yard is available.
    The government is doing it’s best to keep costs of production and distribution prohibitive but it all they are accomplishing is wasting more tax dollars.

  • tammy thibado

    We need to begin to fight for our god given rigjt to use what they call alternative medicine…especially rick simpson oil and marajuana. The government cannot continue to allow un nessary suffering to continue. People should have the right tp choose what treatment they feel is best for their health.

  • james

    AGAIN the rich get richer and the poor get poorer I was going to start one in Galesburg until I seen the $ 125,000.00 application fee whether your accepted or not then you have yearly fee plus start up cost . You guys must have some deep pockets . P.s. good luck with mites

  • Joe Shmo

    I love this,people that think that growing is a cake walk. You’ll be lucky to see a profit in the first 5 years. These people had better know a lot about this before donating their $$$$$$$$$ to Illinois. This is a quick way for Illinois to raise Millions in a short amount of time and no refunds. What’s wrong with this? They need to start getting on these grow forums and studying. Going to Colo. and Cali. is not going to solve a thing. You need to find a Master Grower and fast. Have him on the bankroll NOW! That is where you might find what you are looking for. This is not raising corn and soybeans. Even just the forums is a wealth of knowledge, grow logs,usage reports,nute schedules.Just about anything you need. Except the Master. Good luck at trying to flush one of those,out of the basement.

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