Homeschooled girl’s dress and dance moves get her kicked out of prom

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A Virginia teen says she was kicked out of her senior prom because chaperones thought her dress was too short and her dancing was too provocative.

The girl, along with her boyfriend and four other friends, attended a prom event for homeschoolers held at a church Saturday, May 10, 2014. She says the only dress code listed on the registration form called for formal dress, and dress hems could not be above your fingertips when your arm hung relaxed at your side.

The teen says her dress passed the fingertip test, but she was almost immediately told her dress was too short after she arrived at the event according to WTVR. She says she was later told some of the dads who were chaperoning the dance complained that her dancing was “too provocative” and that it would “cause the young men at the prom to think impure thoughts.”

She says it’s sexism.

“I was told that the way I dressed and moved my body was causing men to think inappropriately about me, implying that it is my responsibility to control other people’s thoughts and drives,” the teen later blogged.

To read her entire blog post – which does include some graphic language – click here.


  • writingmomma

    It just shows that the “dads” that were chaperoning the dance should not have been there, because their minds were in the wrong place. They need to examine themselves and their impure thoughts.

    • Samuel Rodriguez

      Dads have been teenage boys so we know what the boys are thinking. If a girl is dressed & acting like a street walker she’ll get attention like one. Males are wired to notice & be excited by the physical aspects of women although they can’t use that as an excuse to act out on it. So it goes both ways: girls don’t advertise if you are not in business, boys control yourselves.

  • Tracy Ramirez

    I helped plan the decorations for the prom, and therefore, became quite close with the two women director’s during the process. I also was blessed to get to know their families.

    I found out right after Clare left the prom that there had been a problem. The director said that a woman, not man, had seen Clare behaving inappropriately during a dance. Security from the balcony (a man) was contacted to come and ask her to step outside.

    From what I gathered that night, Clare would not allow anyone else to speak. She became extremely argumentative and belligerent. Although they had ongoing concerns about Clare’s dress, her behavior in the hall became the reason she was finally asked to leave.

    Once Clare’s statements were posted in a blog, unknown people began writing on the Richmond Prom Homeschool Facebook page calling the fathers helping in security, perverts, pedophiles, etc. Ultimately, the directors had to close down the Facebook page.

    I remember the director being genuinely disappointed that even one student had to be confronted. There were over 500 students there who didn’t have any problems. Both local and national media have now contacted the head director repeatedly. Her husband was part of security and has now been labeled as a pedophile.

    I am deeply saddened for the wonderful husbands who were called perverts, pedophiles, fundamentalists, and other terms.

    But most of all, I am sad for the two women in charge–caring football moms–who took over the prom this year to help raise money for the Disciple’s Football team.

  • mimijean

    Honestly, if it were my daughter, I’d be the first one out on the dance floor telling her it was time to go. No, it’s not her ‘job’ to monitor how the boys are reacting but she’s clearly dancing the way she is because of wanting a reaction. I surely don’t want my daughter dancing like a stripper or dressing like a street walker…so her dress met the minimal requirement? I just don’t get how girls are comfortable having their lady bits hanging out. A lot of women (who are now teaching their daughters)have forgotten what class is and how attractive that can be. Class attracts the better men. If your strutting around half naked, shaking it in front of everyone, well my dear your the easiest apple to be picked.

  • Samuel Rodriguez

    Why is a Church hosting a dance? Not godly whatsoever.

    What I can see from the dress on the video is that it was meant to have people check out her goods. From that I can believe the claims she was dancing provocatively. It goes along with the dress, The girl herself probably didn’t think her dress or dancing was provocative because she most obviously does what she pleases with no one guiding her on modesty. So no surprise she throws a fit like a little kid as Tracy says above. She probably rarely is told no.

    But… here they are inviting kids to dance at a Church so what did they expect? You invite kids in to participate in a carnal activity then you are shocked they act carnal. Sow to the flesh, reap to the flesh.

  • Deanna

    WOW!!! You people are so hypocritical…. Really???? It was a high school prom dance.. Do any of you remember being teenagers???? Graduating and ready to start your lives as adults? I bet your kids are not the perfect angels either. We want our kids to be thier own person and express themselves and follow some of the basic rules, and then you want to embarrass them and try to change them into someone they are not. The only people that I see here complaining about this young lady were the adults not the other students. They are older enough to make thier own diecision and learn from thier triumphs and thier mistakes and it is not your place to judge and predict what is going on in someone elses head. As long as these oung men and women respect themselves and each other what business is it of any adult to tell them otherwise. I am sure you were no better at that age either, think of the things from your past that your parents did not like are agree with. Deal with it people thy are teenagers and young adults trying to make thier own statement of who they are, just like you did at that age.

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