Davenport drive-through job fair makes career connections

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Clear Channel's parking lot is the place to look for work on Wednesday in Davenport.

"I just heard about it on the radio," said Amber Shook, Davenport. "Next thing you know, I just wanted to come."

QC Employ Me is hosting its first one-day drive-through job fair. It also hosts traditional job fairs during the year.

Drivers circle the radio studios to make a career connection. It's a casual, come-as-you-are event.

"We always have people looking for jobs in the area," said Lindsey Milem, representing QC Employ Me. "We have people calling and e-mailing all the time. We're just trying to come up with something new and different."

As radio personalities get the word out, job seekers make the rounds without leaving their cars.

"You just kind of grab what you need," said Tom Alger, who recently moved to DeWitt from Kansas City. "Go home and hopefully make contacts."

Some driving by are looking for new jobs. Others want better jobs. It's fast, easy and convenient.

"Drive through, grab it," said Dan Peppmeier, Camanche. "Quicker than fast food."

Drivers get a bag stuffed with valuable information from some 30 employers. It just might lead to a job.

No need to dress up or bring resumes. This is a job hunt from the driver's seat. Passengers also participate or just enjoy the ride.

"I don't have to find anybody to watch her for a few hours," said Amanda Ahrens, Rock Island, about her daughter, Addilynn, 3, riding in the back seat. "I can bring her with me."

It's really a one-stop job fair. This could be the quickest career search on four wheels.

"I think it will be helpful to finding a new job," Shook concluded.

A career commute that starts at Clear Channel's lot.