Mom hopes heartbreaking video will help stop bullying of her daughter

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A Minnesota mom hopes video she posted online will help stop bullies from picking on her eight-year-old daughter.

Sarah Cymbaluk says her daughter has visited the principal’s office, asking for help, at least a half-dozen times since December 2013.

“She’s been called in to the principal and made to feel like it’s her fault. She’s been told to ignore it. She’s been told to disregard it. Basically, she’s been told to ‘stuff your emotions and get on with life,’” Cymbaluk said.

Cymbaluk posted the video on Facebook, and it was shared more than 10,000 times in less than 24 hours.

The video shows a third-grade girl crying as her brother describes what his sister experiences as the target of bullying.

“This guy on the playground said, ‘You’re gonna die by suicide they called me a son of a *** and a motherf***er,’” the brother said.

School officials admitted they dropped the ball, according to CNN.

“Obviously somewhere along the line it fell through the cracks. So we need to review our procedures and policies and maybe do a better job articulating to the parents what we’re doing, even though we can’t be specific, we need to do a better job of getting that communication out there,” said Fosston Public Schools Superintendent Mark Nohner.

Nohner said he only recently became aware of the issue.

“I found out about the situation a couple of days ago, and I think it could have been resolved without going to Facebook,” Nohner said.


  • Mary

    “…I think it could have been resolved without going to Facebook.”
    Well, obviously not. The girl has been to see the principal MULTIPLE times without anything being done to help her. So, I think the mom did EXACTLY what she should have. She called out her daughters bullies and rallied support through facebook that she SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN from the school. Unfortunately this school dropped the ball and kudos to the mother for not just letting it go.

  • Regina

    Kudos to the mom for posting the video. If Facebook would have been around when my daughter was in school and bullied, I would have been posting EVERYWHERE!

  • Julie

    The school should not only put a stop to the bullying of this girl and any other child being bullied, but they should apologize to the girl and her family for the obvious stress this child has been going through. They also need to assure her the bullying will stop or the bullies should be expelled!! All this bullying has to stop!!!!! Parents…love your children enough to care about the kind of people they grow to be and teach them proper behavior!!!

  • blessed969798

    Schools don’t care until you have to do something big. We had to move our son out of a school district because he was being bullied so bad, even physically and we were told boys would be boys. Nobody said anything to us until the day we were leaving, then the principal acted like it was a big deal. Yes, only because you looked like a fool when we took it to the papers and everyone knew what kind of school district you really were running. Just horrible what they think they can get away with until they get called out on it.

  • Christina

    I agree that no matter where you are anymore that schools honestly don’t care until they are made to look bad. My two oldest daughters, 13 & 11, have been bullied non stop for over a year. My girls were called liars by school officials, they were told that they egged it on & it was their own fault. My 12 year old got jumped by another girl in the school bathroom. She got punched in the face & head repeatedly. The school wasn’t going to do anything about it until I filed assault charges with the police. The other girl got a whole 2 day suspension. I’ve been commended by other parents for standing up & doing something but looked down on from the school because they say they would have handled it. I commend this mom for standing up & doing something about it. It’s too often that the schools do nothing. It’s hard & heartbreaking to watch any kid suffer let alone your own.

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