Hope Creek addresses allegations of abuse

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Hope Creek has been cited for two separate incidents that they failed to report, as found by a survey done by the Illinois Department of Health and Human Services (IDPH) on March 6, 2014.

One incident that occurred on February 9th, 2014, involved a resident complaining about a staff member who was too rough with them during their morning care.

According to the survey, the resident said the staff member knew they were too rough because they cried while the staff member was assisting them. That report was not investigated until Hope Creek was surveyed on March 9th.

The second incident occurred on February 23, 2014 when a resident was sent to the emergency room for medical complications.

Upon arrival, an ER nurse noticed evidence of sexual abuse. The nurse reported their findings to Hope Creek immediately, but the nursing home did not investigate until the following day, on February 24, 2014.

After investigating, Hope Creek found that the patient was not sexually abused, but they were handled too roughly by nurses.

Hope Creek failed to report anything about the incident until February 27.

Board member Ron Oelke said his main concern was that these findings were posted on IDPH's website before the board ever knew about them.

"The surveys did reviews at our facility and made determinations based on their interviews. We now have an opportunity to dispute the findings of the surveys and that's what they've chosen to do," Oelke said.

Oelke also noted he still thinks Hope Creek is a safe place for residents.

So far no fines have been levied against Hope Creek pending further investigation by the IDPH. Hope Creek's policies and procedures have been revised to stress the importance of reporting cases of abuse immediately and staff members are receiving extra training.

The complaint filed by the IDPH can be found at http://www.idph.state.il.us/ltc/docs/SurveyResult/6006761FA03062014.PDF.


  • david

    Very interesting! Thankyou WQAD for doing this investigation. If quality of care was truly Hope Creeks primary concern why are the employees involved in this abuse still working there every day? Just curious. I want to be as informed as possible this November.

  • Jamie

    David, it’s because they arent worried about the patients. Its all about protecting their union brothers. That is the whole reason they want to keep this place open is union jobs. The employees have to work every other weekend in order to get in 40 hours a week. Even though weekend time is part of their normal work time they are still paid time and a half during the weekend, and the union is wanting to strike again because they are still not making a “livable wage”

    • S

      That’s funny. I’ve worked there for 5 years and have never made time and a half on a weekend. I, as an employee of Hope Creek, do care about the patients. Please don’t make assumptions for everyone that is employed there because of a few bad eggs.

  • Sherry

    Well in reading the states report, it seems to me that administration/management is not in control of the facility. Abuse is to be reported immediately to the abuse coordinator and to the state. The administrator did not follow the regulation, nor did the supervisor. The supervisor got suspended. What about the administrator? I’m sure that the staff in question are still working there because the union fights everything there and the county board usually allows them to get by with it.

  • Mags

    Jamie – Your facts are wrong. Time and a half is only given on holidays and weeks with 40+ hours.. Not the weekend unless you are working overtime. Also the union at Hope Creek has a no strike clause. The employees would be breaking the law and be subject to punishment for ‘abandonment of care’ if they went on strike. The main issue is that although the amount of the fines aren’t public yet.. .they still exist. So now we have to pay more taxes to keep Hope Creek a county home, but our taxes will also be going to pay HUGE fines because management is failing to do their job and training their staff.

    • david

      Mags, you could not be more correct. Look at how great Mercer countys private home is doing. The administrator doesn’t collect an $80,000 annual salary just to be a full time real estate agent. Private homes don’t put up with abuse and when there are allegations they are dealt with head on. Hope Creek employees want to protect the nursing home because of the large wages they milk from the tax payers. They could care less about the patients. This article proves what I have said all along!

  • david

    Also, I should say that I know there are some very talented and caring individuals that truly love their patients. Unfortunately the management team is, for the most part, a disaster.

  • Sherry

    The County board member that was interviewed has not idea what he’s talking about. As far as disputing the allegations, they cannot dispute the fact that the incidences were not reported per the state regulation. They admitted that to the surveyors. That is what the state wrote them up for and what they will be fined for. It will likely be in the 10’s of thousands or dollars. It is not the first time that Hope Creek has been written for a violation regarding abuse. Look up past surveys there have been several.

  • david

    Sherry, that’s exactly what I have been telling people all along. If quality of care was truly Hope Creeks primary concern why have these abuse cases not been taken seriously. Instead they try to sweep things under the rug and hope nobody notices! They are more worried about their precious union than anything else. Also, I have never seen that particular county board member they interviewed before but he obviously has no idea what he is talking about I agree completely.

  • tom

    I am surprised that Mr. Nipper has not commented on this as aggressively as the last article. Maybe he was one of the people who abused the patients ts. After all he wanted people to eat a bullet in the last conversation. He will try to lie and say this abuse never happened like his cronies at the home tried to do but everyone will find out the truth in the end.

  • david

    Tom, I think I shut him up after his last comments telling people to eat a bullet. He is a hope creek employee and I was hoping he would comment and show everyone the kind of people that take care of our grandparents at Hope Creek. Supposedly they are all about quality of care and yet they have hot heads like that employed there. I thanked him for showing people the kind of employees they employ at that facility, and he has been silent since! It’s kind of nice having an intelligent conversation with good people on a public forum without his ignorant rants about the government being “for the people”. He is a bankrupt nobody that lives for government assistance. It’s people like him that are the problem with this country. He takes all he can get and complains about everyone else. You are exactly right hops creek needs to be privatized. His problem is, if it gets privatized, a real manager won’t tolerate people like him.

  • Sherry

    This is an unfortunate issue all around. First of all for the residents and second of all for the good staff of the facility. My husband was a union worker for many years and like he always said the union protects the poor performers more than the good performers, thats why poor performers continue to be employed there. Mr Nipper is obviously very passionate about the facility and the union as well. Of course he would be passionate when protecting not only the wages but the benefits that this organization provides.There are many ways that an organization can save money/balance the budget. The most expensive part of any company is its employees. I’m sure that there is some fat to cut at Hope Creek just as there is in any organization. Perhaps the union and management could come to some agreement involving benefits. A friend of mine worked there about 4 yrs ago when it first became hope creek, in 1 year she “earned” 5 weeks of “PAID” time off. I have experience in health care and know that you do not have to sacrifice quality of care to accomplish this. However, the union membership and the board would each have to make sacrifices and I’m sure that this is not going to happen, unfortunately 150 year old tradition in Rock Island county will likely have to come to an end, 300 people may or may not lose their jobs, but what they will lose for sure is union wages and county benefits. The losers here will not be the residents. So maybe the employees need to band together and not only fix this abuse reporting issue but the financial issue as well, instead of trying to strong arm the voters into giving them more money. Sorry, I know I went a little off subject,

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