Silt fence company denies wrongoing in creek pollution case

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It's been nearly a week since a Pleasant Valley, Iowa man accused developers of polluting the creek that runs through his property.

A new home being constructed up the hill from Herchel Anderson's property was causing silt to rundown the hill, bypass the silt fence used to block the sediment, and then runoff into the creek.

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"Sometimes you don't know there's going to be an issue until it happens," said Tony Showers, President of QC Silt Fence. "That's why we inspect the fence weekly."

Showers claims last week's rainfall is the culprit to the silt fence not holding up.

"This is where we had the unfortunate event of that water hitting the silt fence; the fence was no match for it," Showers said, gesturing to the collapsed fencing.

Despite the fence failing, Showers says they followed proper protocol.

"We are following the rules," Showers said. "We are doing weekly inspections on our sites and we are doing what we can to keep silt from getting into the creeks and rivers."

Showers said it's too wet to replace the damaged silt fencing, but he has added straw bails in front of the compromised fence. Next, Showers says he will plant vegetation on the hill which will prevent rundown.

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