QC Missing Persons Network discusses future plans

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The Quad Cities Missing Persons Network held its first public forum.

The forum was held Saturday, May 3, 2014 at the Genesis Heart Institute in Davenport. Attendees had the opportunity to learn more about the network, get advice from law enforcement, learn about the new Search and Rescue response plan, and hear from someone whose father is currently missing.

Director of the network, Dennis Harker, said the forum was a way to introduce the network. Organizers are planning more to help missing people and their families.

“We’re looking at developing a command post and we’ll disperse different teams with leads from that post,” Harker said. “We’re looking at providing seminars and education for different people… doing things to support the families when they’re missing.”

Harker describes the group as a support system that is there to provide help to families going through this. They can help create fliers, create a Facebook page, and provide emotional support as well. Going forward they plan to provide leadership in these methods.

“Our original goal when we started the network was to use social media to get the word out that we needed help in finding somebody,” Harker said. “What we’ve decided, since then, since we started, is to simply go further with that.

The QC Missing Persons Network started a Facebook page on January 8, 2013.The network was formed in honor of David Harker, who went missing in September of 2013.