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Cannabis-oil treatment one step closer to legalization

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Early Thursday morning, a bill that would legalize the medical use of cannabis-oil for children with epilepsy in Iowa was passed.

Parents of kids with epilepsy across the state were excited to hear the news, including Tina McDermott, a Davenport mother. Her eight-year-old son, Ryan, was diagnosed with a rare form of epilepsy, Dravet Syndrome, two years ago.

"Today makes me feel like I'm going to use this stuff and it's going to work," said McDermott. "Like I'm possibly going to meet my son. See if it brings him out."

Cannabis-oil does not have any THC in it, the part of marijuana that gets people high. It is specially designed for medical use only, focusing specifically on something called CBD, a chemical in marijuana that can be used to relieve seizures.

"It's supposed to basically relax their brain and settle their brain down," said McDermott.

Now that the House and Senate have both approved it, the bill will now to Governor Brandstad for his approval.