Amtrak to allow pets on board

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Some new passengers are coming on board the Amtrak, as the railroad experiments with allowing pets on some trains.

The railroad is conducting a six-month pilot program to allow small pets on certain trains running between Chicago and Quincy, Illinois.

"The more the merrier. I like pets. I think it would be fun," said Amtrak passenger Beverly Mcfarland.

"If the dogs and cats aren't a nuisance to other passengers I don't see why not," said passenger John Garner.

For an extra $25, you can bring your pet along for the ride as long as they're 20 pounds or less. Reservations are required, and pets would have to ride in carriers that fit under a seat.

While most are okay with the idea, some have questions.

"What about the pets restroom? What about if they leave us a present in the aisle and then somebody gets up in the night and goes to the restroom?  That would not be so good," said Amtrak rider George Larson.

Traveling with pets will be tested at Amtrak boarding stations in Chicago, Naperville and Galesburg. The six-month pilot project will run from May 5, through November 2, 2014.

Amtrak will continue to allow service animals to travel at no extra charge.

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