Local cab driver concerned after recent cab stabbing

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Cab drivers in the Quad Cities are on high alert after one of their own was stabbed multiple times and robbed Friday, April 25, 2014.

"That could have been me," said David Dang, cab driver and owner of Dana's Cab in Davenport.

Dang is a soft spoken man of many traits. He's a business owner, cab driver, tax preparer, Vietnamese translator, and a salesman, but he doesn't let his busy life get the better of him.

"I'm a nice, decent guy," Dang said.

Sometimes, Dang says he has to put on a "tough guy" demeanor to protect himself when he is driving his cab, but that's not the only thing protecting him.

"I have cameras in the vehicle. That's to protect my passengers and myself," Dang said, pointing to the sticker of a camera sealed to his cab's window.

Dang says even though he lets his passengers know about the camera, he is still put in threatening situations.

Saturday, April 26, 2014, Dang told News 8 that one of the passengers in his cab said, "Hey, don't let the driver go anywhere, we might jump him later."

"It makes you uncomfortable," Dang said.

There's been times Dang says he has reconsidered driving a cab, and after the heinous crime on Friday, that thought lingers in Dang's mind.