Children reportedly confess to vandalizing Iowa cemetery

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Three children, ages six and seven years old, have reportedly confessed to knocking over about 60 headstones in an Iowa cemetery.

The vandalism was reportedly at the historic Oak Hill Cemetery, north of Central City in Linn County on April 12, 2014. Death dates on some of the headstones there are from the mid 1800s.

The damage was estimated at $3,000 according to KCRG-TV.

The cemetery’s board of trustees was working with the parents of the alleged vandals to get repairs made, and the children who confessed to the vandalism will not face charges, KCRG reported.


  • iansgirlri

    I think the parents of these children need to serve whatever punishment the children SHOULD be getting. Obviously this is a case of the parents not teaching children to respect the dead.

  • Richard Jansen

    Where were the parents?? It took quite a while for these youngsters to do this deed. Foster care might be in order,and make the parents foot the ENTIRE COSTS!!

  • TF

    Figures, kids get a slap on the wrist while someone’s burial grounds were disturbed. Justice is amazing!

  • JC

    I know I’m going to take a bashing for this post, but…..a parent can’t watch a child 24/7, kids make mistakes and throwing them under the proverbial “jailhouse” is not always the answer. There’s an old saying that “it takes a village to raise a child”. Although these kids are old enough to understand, they are also at an age where they think before they act – like most kids do. If this was to happen to the stone of one of my own family members, YES I would be upset. But I would also take it as an opportunity to step up and try to help these kids and teach them. Just for the record, I learned about this incident through KIMT News in Mason City, Iowa and I have contacted them to try and set up a time and place to be able to do exactly that…teach these kids and give them an understanding about cemeteries and what a headstone represents. Instead of “beating down” a child for their mistakes, teach and build them up through knowledge. Some would say that this is the responsibility of their parents, but being a genealogist I have no problem spending my time with kids to help them learn.

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