Beyond the Green Screen: Making a Difference on Earth Day

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There are a handful of nationally recognized holidays and if you look hard enough you can find hundreds more bizarre or less known holidays. Did you know today is considered National Jelly Bean Day? Now you know. EarthDay

There are several of these miscellaneous holidays that go uncelebrated or unnoticed and one of those happens to be very important. Today is Earth Day!
I’m no poster child for green living but I try to do my part when I can. I make it a point to recycle at home. I’m always getting junk mail and magazines in the mailbox that often go directly into the recycling bin. Aluminum cans and milk cartons are rinsed out and tossed in, boxes are emptied then broken down, and even my straw wrappers are thrown in. Why not? It’s paper, too. earthdayaccentpieces2a

What I do alone is not going to make much of a difference but if someone reads this and is encouraged or reminded to do the same or more, then at least I’ve done my part.

Do you plan to make a difference today and going forward? I found a really cool website by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. You can make a pledge to do your part to help the environment and leave your mark (not your footprint) on the map. You can zoom into this digital map and see how many people in your area have made the pledge so far. The Quad Cities is looking a little bare but after I made my pledge I noticed a few others had joined the cause.

Happy Earth Day!

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