Craigslist scam reported in Quad Cities

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A Quad City woman is warning Craigslist users of a scam.

At the beginning of April 2014, Sandy LeMaster, from Moline, posted an ad on Craigslist. She was selling her 1996 Pontiac Sunfire, "a fun little summer car," for $1500.

A few days later, she had an interested buyer.

"He said that he wanted to buy it and that he had sent a check in the mail," Sandy said.

The buyer said he would be sending extra money for the person he would have pick it up.

When the check arrived, it was made out for $2,517.13. That's more than a thousand dollars of the selling price.

"I'm thinking, that's an awful lot for a $1500 vehicle to have somebody ship this. That was my first red flag," Sandy said.

Concerned, she took the check to the bank it was drawn from. That's when the teller told her the news.

"This isn't a good check. It's already been drawn on and the account it's been drawn on is closed," the teller told Sandy.

Taking the check to the bank it was drawn from might have saved her $1500.

Sandy says one thing is for certain, she will only accept Paypal or cash when selling on Craigslist.

She has this advice for Craigslist users.

"Be careful. Unfortunately, there are people out there that want to take advantage of you," Sandy said.

Sandy has since sold her car. She also filed a police report with the Moline Police Department.



  • Lynne

    The exact same thing happened to us when selling a cabinet on CL. “Customer” was going to send us extra cash to contact his “mover” and have that person pick it up. We replied no deal at least 4 times; he would not take no for an answer and he still sent a check. We never opened the envelope, just sent it back.

  • Colin Winters

    I had a similar thing happen on te apartments listing. I replied to an add for a rental house and I started growing suspicious of the return emails. I knew where the house was and I went there. Turns out a cop lived there. I shook his hand and showed him the false add where a missionary doctor in Africa was posing as the property owner. I saved another person from the same scam when they asked me about it.

  • Colin Winters

    Or should I say…someone posing as a property owner/dr who left to be a missionary in Africa. Either way he/she wanted the deposit sent there. Same scam from the 90’s. Just give the account # and they will drain you for sure.

  • Carrie

    Same thing with a house for rent in Annawan. Phone # was from California and supposedly they were deaf so could only e-mail or text. They wanted $1400.00 in money packs from WalMart and would send the rental agreement and keys. Don’t think so!

  • TIM

    Same thing happened to me. The guy sent a check and wanted money packs from walmart. I knew it was a scam so I messed with him a little bit. I kept sending him fake money gram numbers and receipts I made in photoshop. I told him he had to drive to Wal-Mart to cash them. He made about 6 trips to Wal-Mart before he realized I was messing with and was not sending any money. He was actually dumb enough to give me his real home address. I should have called his local police but decided I tourmented him enough.

  • sandy baughman

    i’m from the quad cities now i’m in tulsa,ok. we had a guy said he was in the service wanted to buy our bus,said he’d send money to my pay pal, xtra for the movers. i thought it was strange he woud trust me. so i checked and there was no money there. then we wanted to buy this 2010 ducati. i talked to the guy in italy hwould ship the bike. we could check it out then we pay him… sounds normal. so we waited and waited then he wants me to pay him for shipping first i said sorry no can do.i’ve had others and am really sic of them.

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