Student led anti-bully walk breeds hope

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An anti-bullying walk was held on Saturday in memory of Alice Schmitt on the track of Davenport West High School.

Schmitt committed suicide April fourth after being harassed in school by fellow classmates.

"Nobody should ever have to go through this as a child and no parent should ever have to bury their child," said Katrina Masakowski a participator in the walk.

After releasing doves, Schmitt's mother, Sherry Schmitt, said she felt at peace.

"I just wanted to let her spirit free and continue on life one foot in front of the other," Schmitt said.

Anti-bullying preventionist, Gabriella van Rij, said this organized event was uniquefrom the others she has seen.

"What is a little bit different from usual is that the students have come forth with very upset voices and they want to be heard. It is honestly one of the first times students have come forward, and not just one, many," van Rij said.

Friends of Schmitt launched a Facebook page to honor her memory and try to stop bullying in their school.