Friends say 14-year-old killed herself over bullying

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A 14-year-old Davenport girl killed herself after being bullied by other kids at school, and some are calling on the Quad City community to launch a dialogue on the topic of teen suicide.

"I think it's a wake-up call. We need to figure out where kids are coming to despair. I think with teen suicides, we are in a crisis mode," said Joyce Morrison, the Director of Program Development at Vera French Community Mental Health Center.

Alice Schmitt was a freshman at Davenport West High School. On Wednesday, April 2, she posted a tearful photo of herself on Facebook, saying "with all the depression. Good night."

Two days later, she was dead.

"She hung herself from her bed with a scarf," said her friend, Kellsey Foor, 19, of Davenport.

"I know she was bullied at school. Calling her names, telling her a bunch of hurtful things. But she blew it off, basically because she always kept a smile on her face and didn't let anybody see her hurt," Foor said.

This week, a new Facebook page called "Make a Change. The Alice Schmitt Movement" was launched by Foor and two other friends, to create awareness about bullying and its consequences.

"I started it because there are so many people nowadays who are committing suicide because of bullying. We don't want anyone else to go through the pain her family is going through and all of her friends are going through. We've got to do something," Foor said.

Five days before Alice Schmitt killed herself, a 12-year-old girl from the nearby Pleasant Valley School District took her own life. At least four adolescents committed suicide in Scott County over the past year.

Go to the Facebook page for Make a Change, the Alice Schmitt Movement - click here.


  • Julie

    So what happened to those who were bullying and harassing her…anything?? We could lessen teen suicide if we teach all kids to respect one another and stop the senseless bullying!!

    • Jordan

      I’m her friend and i can sadly say that no nothing was done to them. they werent even looked for :'(

    • Sherry

      I feel they should have classes and make sure all kids and there parents have to go through these classes. And if a student is caught bulling they get 3 day in school detention the first time and if caught again they get a fine and go through bulling classes. I think this would stop s lot of it. And if caught again I feel child and parents should have to go to court and get a big fine and do community service together and have name in paper. This bulling has to stop! It has gotten way out of hand.

      • BDB

        I agree that we need to do SOMETHING about the issue, but your idea is not the right solution. Here in New Jersey we have the toughest anti-bullying laws in the nation (they were created as a knee-jerk reaction to a bullying suicide that made national news). As with most knee-jerk legislation, it was poorly written and not thought out at all. What we have now is a state where, for instance, a kid in fourth grade was suspended and permanently branded a ‘bully’ because he pointed out that a girl in his class had head lice. Kids are going to tease and get teased-it is normal behavior that allows kids to mature and understand emotions, social mores and norms and other valuable lessons. There needs to be common-sense rules and laws that differentiate between being mean (calling someone ‘fatso’), and actual bullying (repeated and ongoing harassment where someone in a position of power physically/mentally/socially preys on someone weaker causing great emotional or physical harm. While ALL cases of teen suicide are tragic and sad, we need to be smart about this problem and think of a solution that does not do more harm than good. My condolences to this girl’s friends and family. The saddest thing is that while this girl may not have been the most popular or happy in HS, she was a beautiful young girl who obviously was talented and loved by those who knew her. If she had just been able to get through those awful HS years, she would have found a new world in college.

  • Chris

    How sad! Too many times people turn their heads and there should be consequences to the kids that bullied her. Kudos to her friends for creating the page and making a difference. My daughter was actually bullied by an adult coach in a sport she participated in, until I removed her from the situation after nothing was done. So, it is not always kids that are bullies.

  • Kim Pingel

    Probably nothing, as we have had 3 teen suicides in Clinton County school district over last several years and no action was taken upon those students who provoked it :(

  • Mike

    The schools turn their back if not happening at school. The parents need to take action and have a solid relationship. I have had child bullied at school a few times and a visit to the parents house of the bully a few times and problem solved.

  • angie

    Rip. That is so heart breaking. Where are the parents of those teenagers that bullied her. Bullying these days are getting way out of hand. This a very tough age. All parents should sit down and talk to their children about bullying. Whatever happened to respect and values. This very widely spread throughout the whole world. We need to take a stand on it. The parents of the onesctht bullied this pretty young lady should be held responsible. I pray for her and her family may god bless u

  • Elaine Anderson

    And bullying lasts a life time. Once it’s done, you cannot take it back! Please stop hurting other people. God put us here to love one another. What do you not understand?

  • ashley wheeler

    This is a very sad situation! I wish she could have gotten help! Everyone deals with things in their own ways but suicide is for sure the worst way someone could deal with the frustration of being a kid. I always remember my Mom saying ” this to shall pass”. I feel for her family and wouldn’t want to go through what they are now. May she rest in peace and not feel the pain of someone’s words anymore;( to who ever picked on her for whatever reason , I hope your happy that your negative attitude and meanness made a young girl take her own life just to be away from you!!!!!! No excuse for what you have done.

  • Dan Shaw

    As a father who went thru this just two years heart goes out to this young girls family. Did anything change at school? Nope. His younger two siblings have felt with alot..including a kid telling my daughter to follow in her brothers footsteps. Even his brother got to hear teachers making very comments that shouldn’t come out of anybody’s mouth. Even the system dictated we could not be left alone with his brother and sister for about a month. Try to mourn with that going on. But my heart still goes out to the family.

  • wont end

    Unfortunately bullying will never end. There will always be somebody out there that will judge someone else for how they look, what they wear,who they’re friends with, there music, there friends I could go on and on. I’m a 30 year old woman and still see bullying in my work environment. It doesn’t matter how old you are it will always be there. You have to teach your children that what they say means nothing. In a few years you will never see these people again. Parents need to teach their children how to deal with bullying. But parents also need to teach their children that bullying is not OK. Its a vicious cycle that wont ever break. My heart goes out to all the people who have lost a loved one Suetonius suicide!!!

  • tisha

    I dont know who you think u are to judge someones parenting. You dont even know these people and there in a hard time right now. Did you dont saything if you have nothing nice to say. I guess I could about her parenting by your lack of compassion and respect for others. Dont judge if you dont know the story behind a situation.

    • 3!

      you do have a point but more of everyone involved. The bully policy in the district refures to if u know of any sort of bully in ur just as involved as the bullier. Everyone should of helped out but all we can do it learn from it and help others.

    • time4change

      I dont need to know the parents of the bullies to know that they fell short in teaching their children consequences which also teaches them compassion for other people’s feelings. WHy dont you educate yourself before you lash out at me for speaking the truth. I mean we all know that the bullies in grade 1 continue to be the bullies all the way to grade 12. hmmmm are you telling me that in 12 years parents are clueless that their children are monsters and intentionally hurting other people? and it should be a joint effort between the parents and school to correct bullies attitudes. PERIOD.

  • Gibs

    You seriously did not just go there and blame the parents? I hope you are granted forgiveness for such hateful thoughts and words. You do not have the right to judge.

  • saddened

    Blaming the schools is about as unfair as blaming the parents. The school system has very little power to do anything. Anymore, the school system is in the hands of attorneys. Any thing a teacher says to a student can be misconstrued and ends up in court. If your child is being bullied, go straight to the parent of that child and if that is fruitless, press charges. No thinks THEY are a bully, it’s always someone else.

  • tisha

    I was told west could hand out 75.00 tickets for bulling but its very unfair to blame parents n schools or the child for that matter. Some kids are scared if they say somethimg the parents will go to the school and it will make it worse on them with the bully. And thats true it could but I feel the ticket thing would maybe teach them and in this situation I think something more needs to be done. This kids who bullied should be held responsible in some way.

  • Brandy

    This is also a concern for me. I had to remove my daughters from West High school because of bulling. And NO bothing was ever done. After I had learned my daughter had a plan of committing suicide and a plan B if plan A didn’t work,that was my last straw. I removed my daughters from the monsters that the schools serm to protect. I was told well. “We gace to catch them doing it”. Really!!!!? My reply was and you wonder why our teens are turning to sucide! I support this movement of awareness !!

    • Tired Mom

      My son is autistic and was bullied without mercy at Williams in Davenport. When he defended himself or retaliated, HE was the one punished, not the bullies. I had to threaten criminal charges and a lawsuit for him to not be punished. That was 6th grade. I transferred him the 2nd week of 7th grade to a different school after I had enough with the continued bullying. Lack of discipline and attention by parents and the school district not applying any common sense with the anti-bullying policy is the problem.

      • mom of bullied child

        My daughter was a victim of bullying in a Davenport school. She was only in the first grade. She would come home everyday crying. It seemed like I was at the school everyday repeating myself over and over. It was the same kids over and over. I even tried to call the superintendents office to get some help. All I was told is they are talking to the children and their parents if it continues they will suspend them. It never stopped. I finally got to the point I yanked her out of the Davenport school system and moved my family just so I could. She is now a 3rd grader at another school and couldn’t be happier. She loves to go to school and has made friends. It’s a shame to read that so many kids are being bullied and no one is doing anything. I understand the schools can only do so much and the parents should be held responsible but the parents in my case could care less what their children were doing to others.

      • Bill Janssen

        everyone who wants to dogpile on the Davenport School district might be interested in knowing that her boyfriend and the other other kids that bullied her do not attend Davenport Schools. They attend Bettendorf. I know its easier for you to blame the Davenport schools so if that makes you feel better and not pathetic at all, go for it. I hear a lot of blame but I am not hearing any suggestions as to how to deal with it. Bullying has been around forever and is just as rampant with adults. Bullying will never go away. There will always be mean people and to blame an entire school district is ridiculous. there needs to be education as to how to deal with it because that is the ONLY aspect we have some control over. Asking a book author and self-proclaimed ‘authority’ is not the answer.

      • Amy Scott

        who ever posted that Davenport isn’t to blame probably works for them!! My son goes to Davenport School and he will tell you it is “hell” and he is 12. Why shouldn’t we ask an person who is experienced in this field. She is offering her services for free, why is Davenport looking a gift horse in the mouth? What do they have to hide? So ever replied to bill you better do some research on Davenport before you jump on their band wagon. Yes bullying is every where but it has gone to far and it is time to take “our” the tax payers, school back and let these children go to school and not have to watch over their shoulder because some spineless adult, who picked that profession that nobody made them take, do their job and watch these children so they can get an education. It is their civil right!!

      • Bill Janssen

        So, where in this article does it say that the bullying occurred at West? It says she attended west but thats it. I will tell you this article is poorly written and fuel is added to the fire by idiots such as yourself who make assumptions. Just a FYI, her boyfriend and his friends do not attend Davenport schools. Its a shame that you blame the school district out of ignorance and because you expect them to do something that nobody else in the WORLD has been able to do. You will NOT eliminate bullying. Sometimes people just want to be jerks and you cant stop that.

  • Kelly Lynn

    when i went to smart several years ago i was bullied and the administrators kept overlooking it i ended up leaving the school and going to another until i moved down south

  • Bri

    What does her parents allowing her to have a bf have anything to do with her being bullied to the point of suicide?
    That makes NO sense! Alice was a neighbor of ours, her parents loved and adored her. This is not in any way their fault! Even after her death these girls were making terrible comments about her. They need to be punished, like maybe take them out of cheer leading for the rest of their high school years! Seek justice Davenport schools, take a stand!!! Protect your students!

  • pat

    people are so quick to put the blame on everyone else. like you say people in glass houses shouldn’t be throwing stones. this family is going through hell right now. blaming themselves for this. they wander where did I go wrong. the school should be more involved in this bullying. punished the kids. kick them out of school. take them out of school activities for the rest of the year. hold the boyfriend accountable. he is going to have to live with himself the rest of his life knowing he was the cause of this death. this beautiful girl was a friend of my grandson who attends west. my daughter pulled her daughter out of west and put her in central. west is really getting a name for some of the stuff going on there. I had a neice who killed her self because of bullying. these families have a rough time dealing with things like this. I had a grandson who threatened to end his life a couple times. mad at the world, loosing a girlfriend. I talked him out of it. you think when you do away with yourself that ends the problems. well it doesn’t. you leave a bigger problem for those back here to deal with. all the questions. again I feel for the one who found this precious girl. what they are going through. what runs through their mind. when they close their eyes at night. they relive that day or night all over again. well she is in a better place now where you people can’t touch her. no more pain and agony. not wanting to go to school and live through this everyday. may she rest in peace. peace to all the family. god will get you through this. he walks beside you through all of this. my heart aches for you all.

    • Amy Scott

      Serious your are going to call someone an idiot are the parent of a bully? It doesn’t matter who, what, when, or where get on you tube and these kids are posting this on line. So he was from Bettendorf, like he never went to West? How do you know are you his father? He should be punished and whom ever else bullied this poor girl. Why don’t you come to the walk tomorrow for her at West High School and I will show you idiot. But you won’t be there because your on the Davenport band wagon. What are they paying you? You sleeping with Tate? Come down to reality guy Davenport has something to hide!!!!

  • kp

    The school has a bullying policy. All kids were suppose to sighn a “contract” and must have the agreement on our planners. It also gives a fair warning of the consequences if they were to miss follow the rules. The school has to do something. Its unfair and dumb if they dont. A kids on the ine of the schools basketball team had a photo of a kid that his friend took of another kid on the toilet and was punished of all who was inclueded. A girl takes her own life and nothing… that corrupted. On or off school grounds they either have to report it or do something about the kids.

  • pat

    I never blamed the parents for this nor did I say that. some of you are turning things all around. right I don’t know these parents. I wish I did at this time. I am grieving for a grandson I lost 9 months ago. I know how hard this is for them. I am having a hard time dealing with his death. I know how they feel. but don’t twist my thoughts around and say I blame the parents because I don’t. blame the school systems. don’t just slap these bullying kids on the hands and let them get by with this. this is not a laughing joke. this is serious business. they should be punished to the extent of the law.

  • robert1158

    Whatever happened to “STICKS AND STONES MAY BREAK MY BONES BUT WORDS WILL NEVER HURT ME”? Bullying has been around for ages, the problem now is we raise kids to think the world is always a happy place where they can do no wrong and give trophies for coming in last. I had a bully growing up…didnt think of suicide, just punched him in the jaw.

  • Dan Shaw

    TF nice of you to hide behind a keyboard and not post your real name.. as a parent who went thru losing a child in this matter..I would love to have a face to face conversation with you on the subject

  • sarah

    I had plenty of bullies in junior high for being overweight nobody ever helped me. ever. Bullying is going to be around forever but no one takes the time to tell their kids it’s not going to matter what bullies think of you in the end so don’t let it bother you give kids some hope and teach them how to deal. Plus they need to tell their kids not to put themselves in bully situations. Like dont be the class slut in junior high, your’re going to get bullied for that, so don’t act like it :p

  • anthony

    Bullies are like balloons. After you pop them once theyll go away. Regardless im praying for her and her loved ones. God will judge them in the end.

  • Lynn

    My heart breaks for the family/friends of such a beautiful young girl who had so much going for her. When I heard about this it broke my heart and these bullies need to be punished! The school district needs to do something about this and these kids who bullied her should be arrested. We all know that a majority of kids today have absolutely NO respect for others including their parents and unfortunately as time goes on it will be much worse. I have a daughter who just turned 5 yrs old and was born with a skin disorder that’s very rare (linear psoriasis) and as a parent I’m extremely concerned that kids are going to bully her in school and even more so as she gets older and all the dances she will go to and so on. It’s not on her face or legs, but it’s on her hand all the way up her arm into her back on the right side of her body. I see it now when I take her to the park and some kids will not play with her asking her about her “rash” as they put it. It’s sickening and some of these parents act as if it’s contagious in which it’s NOT. Were clean people and I wil give you a perfect example……..just the other day the weather was beautiful I took her to the park and she wanted to play with this little boy and the mother not knowing I was standing there made the comment “No honey come over and play with this little girl” talking to her son. Needless to say that didn’t go very well with me and YES I had something to say to her because it was sickening to see my child get treated like nobody and by the time I put my two sense in that woman was lost for put it nicely I pretty much told her that she needs to come back down to this planet here we call earth and get acquainted. In other words…….don’t judge and make it so obvious without any regard for the other person such as my 5 yr old daughter who has no control over her medical situation…she has feelings too. I don’t blame the parents of this beautiful girl who had a whole life ahead of her, but yes in a big sense I blame the parents of the ones who bullied this young lady. We as parents need to take a stand for our children no matter …race…age…rich..poor..etc. This needs to STOP! Treat someone the way you would like to get treated…………don’t be a follower to the ones who you think are popular and you want to fit in just cuz you want them to be your friend…..BE AWARE of what’s going on around you and always remember that your actions and words affect others. Enough said……….once again my condolences to the family/friends of this beautiful young lady…R.I.P

      • Lynn

        I wouldn’t call it bullying someone. It’s obvious your one of those people who look to confront others on their opinions. Might I suggest therapy for yourself? Or better yet if you don’t like what others have to say……….move on to the next post. If you want to make negative comments…your a piece of self righteous work……….what are you a piece of? I took a stand for my daughter, however this isn’t about my daughter it’s about a young lady who killed herself over being bullied and I’m sure her family/friends are suffering a great deal. Unfortunately, she will not be the last and that’s why this needs to stop. If you don’t like what I have to say Alan………it’s simple…….don’t read it.

  • Hope

    I went to school and hung out with her, had conversations with her. What happened to Davenport? All it is there is constant fighting and bullying. Im disgusted with this. I had to lose a friend over ignorant childish games.

  • George

    Bullying is just wrong. Sad to say , it is a common practice everywhere. Font blame the bullies completely for this. This girl could have rose above the hate but she choose suicide. She could have talked to someone.

    • Carolyn Riley

      Don’t blame the bullies for this?..instead you are blaming the girl!, not every one can be thick skinned, not every one finds this sort of thing easy to talk about!, kids should not have to toughen up. It’s best to teach kids not to ever bully!, and come down real tough on them when they do!…This stupid society is all too quick to lay blame on the victim and not the offender, no wonder things are going from bad to worse!

  • emily

    Please, QC school systems, look into Project Cornerstone. The research has been done and the lessons have been developed to help these at risk kids. Sessions are led by trained volunteer parents and start at a young school age. Kids are taught to identify bullying behaviors, to be aware of the targets’ reactions, empowered to befriend targets, protect them by identifying caring adults, and deflecting bullying behaviors to give them confidence and better self esteem to get through these tough times. It is so important to empower kids and give them the tools to make it through.

  • Lori

    Why do the schools always get the blame. Why don’t some of you saying the schools aren’t doing enough, donate some of your free time to stand in the halls or outside. Then you can monitor everyone’s facial expression or gesture directed at another student. You call a student out and that kids parents will be all over you for accusing “their” kid. It’s a never-ending circle and no one wins.

  • Roger D

    This is just a heartbreaking tragedy. My condolences to the girl’s family and friends. Hopefully someday this bullying madness will end.

  • Cindy

    As a parent of child who was being bullied to the point of sexual assult on my daughter we applied a lawyer to get
    and told our daughter to stand up for yourself and wants u do that your bullyer will step down. Then my daughter started to bully other girls I stepped on that a turned that off right away .life is hard and at that age there trying to figure things out as parent we know they dont want to be with us .But they still want boundaries set, rules to notigate and staying firm to parents and in sorry for loss.

  • Cory

    I did not know her but I feel soooo bad. Bullying needs to stop. RIP honey your in memories. We will miss you. You were beautiful. That’s sad people are this mean these days to this point for some people.

  • Alan

    Blame? Lay it at the feet of a society that teaches children that ‘Fighting is never the answer.’ If we taught our children be ethically and morally responsible and to stand up for what is right. This tragedy is far less about he presence of a bully but the ABSENCE of peer or peers willing to take a stand.

  • g

    I had a classmate kill himself in high school and I can remember the kids who always made fun of him laughing after he died that the world was a better place without him, and he wasn’t treated much better at home. I wish I was then who I am now cause I would have decked every one of those kids because I am sick of the way people treat others in this world.

  • BDB

    I will never understand middle/high school. This girl was a beautiful young lady, and if she had made it to college, she would have had no problem finding friends/boyfriends/acceptance with people with whom she could relate. The pain of those adolescent years seems so permanent when you are that age, I wish we could find a way to convey to these young adults that life DOES get better, the pain DOES go away and that their lives have unlimited potential for happiness and joy. It breaks my heart that this girl was not able to be shown her future. All we can do is try and instill in the young the truth that those youth years are just a blip on life’s radar and that real life does not begin until after High School.

  • Jack

    This is a clear case of severe criminal harassment. If adults do this, they face criminal and civil charges and it should be no different for minors.

    If a minor, especially a teen, commits a crime like having a joint or stealing a chocolate bar or punching someone in the face they are supposed to be charged with a crime. Even if it is handled differently, it is still treated as a crime.

    Instead of using a term like “bullying” that seriously undermines the seriousness and severe harm done to vulnerable kids on a neurological level to the point of PTSD and death, we should treat it like the crime that it is. The only difference is that the parents of these criminals should be dragged before a judge themselves. They are already open to the civil courts as we have seen in Audrie Potts case and the justice system needs to catch up and start protecting people instead of these criminal scum.

    They don’t need compassion. They have already learned how to exploit that.

  • marj413

    This will probably sound mean but parents need to seriously raise kids with thicker skin as well as be more vigilant when it comes to their online habits. Obviously people should be taught to respect each other and schools need to nip problems in the bud but this “bullying” thing is nothing new, yet we have kids killing themselves left and right over something so trivial.

  • JennyJustice

    Even though most bullying take place at school or school-related activities, the fact is, the schools cannot babysit our kids. No matter what rules or programs a school might enforce, bullies will find a way to continue their harrassment if they want to and most do. Whether it be through social media, at bus stops, at extra curricular or intermural activities, the bullies will find a way. The answer in my eyes, lies with the parents. People do not want to admit it, but a kid’s character is learned primarily from their family. That doesn’t necessarily mean that a bully kid has bully parents (although most do), but it is my firm beleif that environment shapes character and moral code. Schools are part of a child’s environment, but nothing taught at school can be enforced at home except by parents. Schools can suspect or even expel a bully, but that won’t stop the kid because it’s still their character to bully. And if the child’s family is abusive, dismissive, neglectful, etc. the child continues to be shaped by that more than anything or anybody else. Every time something awful like this happens, the bully’s family is usually either deafening silent or they try to downplay and justify their kid’s actions because they don’t want to admit that their kid is a bad apple that didn’t fall far from the tree. It is time to hold parents responsible and when something this horrible happens, the parents should be punished, put into counseling and then on probation themselves, so they can be monitored. Nobody wants the government in their personal life, but if you’re raising future psychotics because you don’t know how to parent, it’s time to be called out and action taken. I’d love to have cameras put in some of these bully’s homes so the world can see what really goes on behind their closed doors. I’ll bet it’s not pretty and the parents would be exposed.

  • time4change

    They Bullied her cuz she was gorgeous. RIP. Schools never did anything back when i was young and neither do they now. or this wouldn’t be happening. I hate to say this but that high school shooting many years ago …i was outraged that people werent addressing that it takes misjustice for someone to take things in their own hands like that. and no one in the press wanted to address that these kids had suffered tremendously from collegues ….i suppose some of those parents whom lost their child, now had to feel the pain their spoiled and aweful children were inflicting to others in school. (not all, of course)

  • time4change

    @Jordan, Sorry for your loss. I know a lot about Pshychology as my mom is a phsychologist and people who commit suicide are most often the sweetest people…who feel more. Very sorry for her family and friends. Actually it is the point of bullying….it is the school and parents responsibility to correct their nasty bullying children’s attitudes.

  • carol denham

    As a mom who is living the nightmare of what now these parents will be living, the NO tolerance policy needs to go… This does not help anyone, when a child stands up to a bully they get the same punishment as the bully. We need common sense and ADULTS to PAY ATTENTION AND HELP STOP THIS. My son told me the day I found out what was going on in 7th grade..”Mom it’s not just me they do this to, these 4 kids do this to about 1/4 of the class”. Tell me where are the adults… the majority are overlooking it. The majority of the kids that leave us like this… are good kids, never in trouble, kind hearted.
    Parents… if your child tells you a little… I guarantee there is alot more going on. My son talked to me all the time about everything.. except for this topic.. We found out after fact. My son lost his life due to the educational system and his voice was silenced by the judiciary system. I assumed the school would help keep my child safe.. NOT TRUE WHATSOEVER. You can google Sam Denham Woodland Middle school, Taylor Mill KY.

  • time4change

    I’m not sure if some people are thinking my post was about this poor girls parents. because it was NOT! it is for the parents of bullies. if we as parents aren’t their first teachers then WHO is? I am judging because its 100% true in almost ALL cases except for those whom bully because they may already have some pshycopath behaviors that parents can’t even help. Let’s be real here. we teach are kids consiquences for their bad behavior and how to respect others they learn. PLAIN AND SIMPLE Tisha…hopefully you wont be raising any children any time soon.

  • apryl grass

    i didnt know Alice At all but. i dont think that any one should have to feel the way she did. please stop the bullying.

  • Sophie Katt

    Teachers and school administrators look the other way so they don’t have to get involved. They won’t DO ANYTHING about this. Children are DYING and school administrators and teacher don’t even care.

  • Tete

    Alice was a very good friend of mine she always made me feel better about who i am i was in the same postion she was and she talked me out of it so rip alice

  • Amy Scott

    Troubled Heart

    The moment you took your life
    I felt mine ended too.
    If I could only turn back time
    there’s so much I would undo.

    I didn’t see the warning signs.
    You held them deep inside.
    Struggles you were going through
    you did so well to hide.

    I’m left with guilt and sorrow,
    and confusion as to why
    you didn’t tell me of your pain
    and felt you had to die.

    Every soul is precious
    in the eyes of God above.
    He will heal your troubled heart
    with His never ending love.

    I’ll put my faith in Him,
    as I pray my heart will mend,
    and keep you in my memory
    ‘till I’m with you once again.

    I have never met you but I wished I had. You have a beautiful soul and have impacted so many. When you look down from above us be proud because you have and will make a difference. That my dear girl, how much we would love to have you here to watch you grow and have future generations, you will always be with us. You are now one of god’s precious angels that will take care of the one’s that need it the most so we should be blessed in that sense but having your smiling face with us we rather prefer. We all should be blessed whether you knew this girl or not that her parents, friends, and family had a wonderful 14 years with her and years will go by but she will always be remembered, young, and beautiful.

  • Amy Scott

    To Dan Dan the know it all man. LISTEN TO THE WHOLE ARTICLE before you call someone an idiot. It was also happening inside the school along with her bf from another school. Why don’t you shut your mouth and open your ears before you jump on your pedestal. Oh, I looked up idiot and found your picture!! I guess you were the one that did the bullying and never was on the receiving end because if that was the case you would actually read and listen to the articles!!

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