Son upset by male stripper performing at mom’s nursing home

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(CNN) — Somebody at a New York nursing home apparently thought it would be a great idea to bring in a young hard body for the elderly residents to watch dance.

In other words, a male stripper.

But after a man found a picture in his 86-year-old mother’s belongings of a man wearing only “tighty whiteys” hovering very much in his mom’s personal space, the lawyers got involved.

Bernice Youngblood, the wheelchair-bound resident whose son, Franklin, is suing the home on her behalf, told CNN affiliate WCBS, “I felt terrible. I was shaken and going on.”

WCBS reported that the East Neck Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in West Babylon said all 16 people on a panel of residents approved the show.

“There is nothing inappropriate about it,” the facility’s attorney, Howard Fensterman, told reporters on Tuesday.

Fensterman, according to the WCBS report, said that Bernice Youngblood enjoyed the event and was chaperoned by her son’s live-in girlfriend, who the nursing home said appears in the photo.

The family said the woman in the photo is a nursing-home staff member.

According to a lawsuit filed last month, Bernice Youngblood, who the suit says has partial dementia, was “confused and bewildered” when the stripper approached her and directed her to “place her hands about and upon his body, including his genital area.”

The suit contends the home has hired male strippers on other occasions for the “perverse pleasure of the defendant’s staff.”

Franklin Youngblood said his mother was forced to tip the stripper with her own money, which is supposed to be locked away at the nurses’ station.

“There’s too much sex and craziness that’s going on. Now they’re bringing it to the nursing home, and it don’t belong here,” he told WCBS.

The suit is asking for a financial judgment of unspecified amounts from a jury at trial. It is unclear from the legal documents when the stripping incident occurred.


  • TF

    This was completely inappropriate, and EVERYTHING is wrong with bringing a stripper to a nursing home. For crying out loud. What IDIOT thought this was a good idea? What idiot thought a bunch of elderly people would enjoy this?

    • Ca M

      I agree it is inappropriate and someone needs to be fired. But I can think of a number of women (meaning residents) in a nursing home that would love it.

  • caregiver

    I have been a c.n.a. within nursing homes for many years and I am here to tell you, the elderly are more then capable of enjoying an erotic show. If the resident wants to see the show then It is nobody business to say otherwise. Why is it inappropriate? Just because the women are elderly? What because they are old they arnt allowed to have any kind of sexual anything? This guys mom probably did have fun and he just has his panties in a bunch because he saw his mom doing something that burned an image into his mind forever, how many strippers has he seen?

  • John Denton

    The people in Nursing Homes are old but they are not dead, they would probably enjoy chippendale dancers as much as young girls would. If they weren’t enjoying it or felt uncomfortable with it they were free to go back to there room or somewhere other than where the dancers were.

  • Emilee

    If she enjoyed herself, and nobody was forced to attend the “show” then this lawsuit is bogus. They are all ADULTS, people! And if that man’s gf attended with his mother, and the mother really was “confused and bewildered” why didn’t her son’s gf take her back to her room? The only thing I have a problem with is the forced tipping. If her money wasn’t locked up like usual, where was it, and who handed it over to the stripper?

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