Alcohol accidentally served to children at Illinois restaurant

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Ten children, all under the age of ten, were hospitalized after they were accidentally served alcohol at a birthday party in a Chicago-area pizza restaurant.

A waitress served the drinks at a Home Run Inn restaurant in Little Village just before 10 p.m. Tuesday, April 8, 2014 according to WGN-TV.

When servers reportedly took the children’s drinks away without explanation, parents smelled the drinks and realized they contained alcohol.  One of the children reportedly said their drink “tasted funny.”

One parent called police. Investigators said several children drank the alcohol and that the incident was an accident.

WGN reported the children were all treated and released from local hospitals, and all of the kids were expected to be okay.


  • TF

    Well of course the children were expected to be okay. I doubt they drank enough to get drunk. I hope the waitress was fired.

  • Mary

    Bill, this was not just some little mistake. This is endangering the health and well-being of young children. If the waitress has never made a mistake before, then maybe that should be taken into consideration…but if she has ever made any mistakes prior to this…then yes, she should be fired.

  • ER

    Tho I doubt there was enough alcohol in each drink to “endanger” the children terribly, how the heck do you serve TEN drinks with booze in them mistakenly?! the bartender “accidentally” thought the kids cups with cartoon characters on them were for some really fun birthday shots? smh, people have NO common sense these days.

    • Ryan

      Can you please show the part of the story that shows that the kids were served cups with cartoons on them.

      I could say that she picked up 10 drinks meant for a second table and grabbed the wrong serving dish. We don’t have the information to assume what or what not happened. If this day and age wasn’t so concerned with having 5 minutes of fame and trying to get a million bucks off the smallest mistake, this would have never made it to the news.

  • Sarah

    There is a lot of assuming here. It didn’t say the waitress made the drinks. A lot of times there is someone behind the bar who prepares all drinks and the server brings them out. It didn’t mention the kids had child cups with cartoon cups. There are possibilities that they could have ordered a drink even as simple as lemonade and vodka got added. Yes even as many as ten. It could happen. Anything could happen. Yes people mistakes do happen. We need to stop being so sensitive. I drank alcohol plenty of times as a child and nothing happened to me. I would always sneak a sip of beer when my grandpa wasn’t looking. But I forgot, those were the simple days.

  • Jessica P.

    I work at a restaurant that serves both alcoholic and non-alcoholic versions of lemonade–regular and strawberry. We are a very busy store, so as a result, we “batch” both items, meaning we make them in bulk quantities of several gallons at a time.Our bartender is responsible for making both items, but stores the alcoholic version behind the bar in the cooler there, and the virgin version is stored in the kitchen coolers for server use.

    Many other restaurants likely do something similar. All it takes is someone labeling the items incorrectly, or a new server grabbing the wrong container to refill pitchers that they keep for server use to cause something like this to happen. It shouldn’t, but its more than likely something like this than someone making vodka and lemonades in kids glasses.

    Should the server be reprimanded/fired? Absolutely. Servers in many states are required to be certified or licensed to sell/serve alcohol. Like it or not, she served minors, which is illegal. However, she is not the only one responsible. What about the manager on duty? The bartender who is responsible for alcohol?

  • Jay

    Kids as young as 4 or 5 in France have wine at dinner frequently in most every family, and have for generations! The kids will be fine, mistakes happen and hospitalization was clearly unnecessary. Sounds like some parents are gonna sue.

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