Trash bins become money-makers for Moline

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Nearly 2,000 city-issued garbage carts will get new lids, featuring advertising, in Moline.

The city council approved in February a one-year pilot program to put advertising on homeowners’ 96-gallon garbage can lids. The trial is expected to bring in $12,160 for the city in the first year.  Money raised from the program will go back into the city’s sanitation fund, which city leaders hope will be self-sustaining someday.

National Cart Marketing was scheduled to begin changing lids on trash carts left out in Moline alleys Saturday, April 5, 2014.  They expect to spend several days changing lids on the 1,900 bins that are part of the pilot program.

Residents that are part of the pilot program are asked to leave those 96-gallon trash carts out until they have been fitted with the new lid.  Crews expected to complete installing the new lids by Tuesday, April 8.

The pilot program includes many, but not all, homes west of I-74 to First Street, between 20th and 27th avenues.  To see a map of the pilot program area, click here.

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