Report: Hogs escape confinement in Sterling

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Hog loose near and around Sterling Walmart 4-4-14 photo shared by Matthew Hilligoss via Twitter

Imagine you’re running lunchtime errands, and maybe one of your stops is at a convenience store or Walmart.

And that’s where you encounter a loose hog.  Or two.  Or more.

Hogs were reportedly spotted running loose around the Walmart in Sterling, Illinois just before noon Friday, April 4, 2014.  They were quickly corralled, and appear to have possibly briefly escaped from a nearby hog confinement.

News 8 viewer Matthew Hilligoss shared a quick photo of one of the animals, which he says was roaming near the Walmart in Sterling.  News 8 Facebook friend Isabel Reyes says she took the photo.

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  • Mary

    Somebody needs to send this photo in to “People of Wal-Mart” to show them how we do Wal-Mart out in the sticks ;)

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