Employee accused of putting video cameras in Davenport school restroom

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Ian Dishon Isabel photo from Davenport Police

A school district employee is wanted after video cameras were found in a girls’ restroom at a Davenport elementary school.

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Police said three arrest warrants were issued for Dishon Isabel, who was not yet in custody, in connection with the case.   The warrants charge Isabel with “invasion of privacy-nudity.”

Police said the charges were serious misdemeanors and carried a bond of $1,000 each.

Isabel was described as 6-feet 1-inch tall and weighing 175 pounds.  His car is a maroon 2003 Chevrolet Impala with Illinois license plate L985878.

Twenty-nine-year-old Ian Dishon Isabel, who goes by Dishon, has worked for Davenport Community School District for four years according to a spokesman for the Davenport Police Department. Isabel most recently worked in the after school “Stepping Stones” program.

“Stepping Stones is an after-school program which provides youth with an opportunity to learn and play in a safe and caring environment,” said a web page describing the program. “We provide homework help, learning excursions, and enrichment classes through our numerous community partners, which give children the chance to engage and interact with each other. Our staff includes youth development professionals and certified teachers.”

The page described Isabel as the “coordinator” for Stepping Stones.

Anyone with information about Dishon Isabel’s whereabouts is asked to call Davenport Police at (563) 326-6125.

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  • Bill McPherrin

    what’s worse than the crime itself, is that the charges being levied are only misdemeanors. someone puts cameras in a little girl’s restroom and will walk away with a slap on the wrist. seriously?

      • ConfederateUSA

        Your right, it isn’t, at least back then these animals were kept in check, now that they have their “Freedom” they pretty much do whatever the hell they want and get away with it. Makes me ill that we have to put up with these savages.

  • Jessica Maynard

    Pretty sure this should be a felony as it involves children ages 5-12 in a SCHOOL!!. My son attends this school and I’m outraged at the charge…doesn’t fit the crime in my opinion.

  • Amanda Wulf

    Wow! 3 misdemeanors! Are you kidding me? I am sick to my stomach about this crime and the absolute LACK OF PUNISHMENT!! I wouldn’t be upset if a few people found him first and layers down a “proper” punishment on him. First it’s razor blades glued to the park equipment in Moline…now this!!!!!

  • HR

    Since he’s being charged with invasion of privacy/nudity and itinvolved small children doesn’t that constitute a charge of child pornography? I sincerely hope the charges are upgraded appropriately! I agree this sick individual needs to be punished!

  • rae anne

    Better hope one of our “westenders” don’t get ahold of him before the cops do, there will be nothing left

  • Kasey Langdon

    I’m just wondering how they figured out it was him? Either way, punishments are not nearly severe enough!

  • Concerned

    What is up who made the accusation. What proof . Lets just get all the evidence before charges are made this could destroy someone life for being misjudge

  • coodie

    Some of you people are to ready to pass judgment without any facts. What evidence has been found connecting the accused to the crime. Its amazing how one person could be singled out so fast . I dont the full details of the investigation myself ; but it just doesn’t add up to me. Not only is his life affected , what about his family.

  • George Honky

    Please keep your “racism” to yourself. In other words, ignore the fact that Whites have Neanderthal DNA and Africans do not. Ignore the fact that a slight majority of welfare cases are Black – when they’re only around 13% of the population. Ignore the fact that around 6% of the population commits over half the murders (Black males). Turn off your common sense and embrace DIVERSITY!

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