Razor blades found on playground equipment in Pennsylvania

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Just over a week after a two-year-old was injured by razor blades affixed to playground equipment in East Moline, police said razor blades were found at a park near Philadelphia.

WTVD reported that on Tuesday evening, April 1, 2014 maintenance personnel found razor blades duct-taped to playground equipment at Eaton Park in Brookhaven, Pennsylvania. They were found before any children were harmed.

After the discovery, other nearby parks were checked and cleared. Officers will continue to keep an eye on area playgrounds.

On Monday, March 25 a two-year-old boy sliced his finger on a razor blade glued to the monkey bars at Millennium Park in East Moline.

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A warning was issued to Brookhaven residents in the area to be cautious of where kids in the community play.

"Parents are being warned to check the equipment due to the fact that some thoughtless criminal had duct taped some razor blades to the equipment that could have caused injury to children playing in the area," said a spokesperson with the Brookhaven Fire Station. "Please warn your older unescorted children as well."

Anyone with information about the East Moline incident is asked to contact Capt. Reynolds at (309) 752-1552 or Crime Stoppers of the Quad Cities at (309) 762-9500.


  • TF

    First in EM, and then in Philadelphia? I don’t understand. Unless the person who did it here traveled there, we could be looking at a new trend among sick individuals.

  • Shana Boulton

    Be nice to have cameras up in public playgrounds like we do in enforcing traffic. Would be nice to have ease of mind that we have an eye in the sky keeping an eye on our children who play in public parks when it comes to the sick people in the world who want to bring harm to them.

  • TIM

    Way to go news channel 8. You have just started a nationwide craze. (Sort of like the school shootings) When you talk so much about it on the news it makes people want to do it. And I wouldn’t go to a park if I knew there were video cameras watching me. Thats worse than razor blades.

  • TIM

    I feel there are places for video. But Call me old fashion I do not like knowing that I am being watched. What if I grab my ballz or have to take a leak? I should be able to in a public park.

  • 14thdaymom

    If you are in a public park “grabbing your ballz” or taking a leak, that is certainly not a public park i would want my children or grandchildren to play in – if you don’t want to be watched in a public park where kids are playing, then what are your intentions, Tim? Or what is it you are doing that you don’t want to be seen? You should not be “grabbing your ballz” in a place where children play.

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