Video: First eaglet hatches at Alcoa nest

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Pip in egg at Decorah nest 4-1-14

The first eaglet of the season hatched the day after pips were seen on eggs on the nests at Decorah, Iowa and at the Alcoa Works in Davenport.

YouTube video posted April 1, 2014 (above) appeared to show a pip in one of the eggs on the Decorah nest (it’s at about the 1:08 time mark).

Watch the live stream from the Decorah nest below or click here.

The Raptor Resource Project announced April 1, 2014 that it appeared the first pip was visible on the nest that morning near the DNR fish hatchery in Decorah.

If we have a pip, hatch should occur within the next 24 hours,” their post said.

In a follow-up post the morning of April 2, Raptor Resource Project reported hatching was continuing and there was a visible crack in that same egg.

Likewise, an April 1 online update from the Alcoa Davenport Works said the first pip was spotted that day on that nest.

In their April 2 update, Alcoa’s first eaglet was confirmed on the nest at 10;30 a.m.

The first egg was discovered on the Decorah nest Sunday, February 23.  That same day, the first egg was seen on the nest at the Alcoa Works in Davenport.

The nest can be seen via the Alcoa EagleCam – click here.

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