Parents of toddler cut by razor blades in park say culprit “sick” and “psychotic”

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The Illinois toddler cut in a playground booby-trapped with straight-edged razors glued to monkey bars and slides says it felt like someone "cracked open" his finger.

Two-year-old Madden Jenks was on his dad Jayson's shoulders during an outing at Millenium Park in East Moline, pretending to be a big boy on the monkey bars, when he was hurt.

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"He said, 'Ouch.' Jayson put him down. He started bleeding and we looked and they were everywhere. The razor blades were everywhere," said Madden's mom, Sally Jenks.

"They were on the monkey bars, the rock-climbing wall, the fire pole, the bottom of the slide. Just everywhere," she said.

The little boy's cut bled a lot, but is healing well the day after. He says it felt like his finger was "cracked open " and it "hurt."

It could have been much worse.

"All the razor blades were placed up, so when you grabbed them it would hit their wrists or your hands," said Madden's dad, Jayson Kenney.  He called the plot disturbing and disgusting.

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"It's pretty sick. Psychotic. Luckily, it wasn't deeper. He wasn't old enough to put his weight on the monkey bars," Kenney said.  "What if he didn't cut his hand and he slit his wrist?"

While his parents are shuddering at the "what if"s" and "whys," police are trying to find out "who" and are taking fingerprints of evidence found at the park to pursue possible leads.

"I was so upset. It could have been horrible. It could have sliced his hand open completely, if he was older and he was really swinging on the monkey bars and grabbed it. He was just lightly touching it. If he was older, it would have mutilated his hand," Jenks said.

"I don't know why they would think about hurting children. Why would that be something to come into your mind, to put razor blades at a children's park?" she said.

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to contact Capt. Reynolds at (309) 752-1552 or Crime Stoppers of the Quad Cities at (309) 762-9500.


  • Danielle

    Please get himtested for the correct ammount of time for hepatitis and other diseases. Just cause his fingers arentcut off does not mean hes safe. Also have the blades swabbed and tested. That would at least let u know if you have to worry.

    • kacy

      A very sick person I am a soon to be new mommy I would hurt someone if my child got hurt like that playing in a park what is this world coming too these days!!

  • Kirkbrowning

    It’s a shame. Pore like guy our country and community s. Are becomming places. For sick people what is out country coming to when our kids can’t play for fear of being hurt or taken we need to take it back wish the law would let the citizens. SILVER the just punishment. these things would Stop God bless you like buddy

  • Summer

    The person needs to be forced to play the entire playground. go through all the monkey bars and everything. that should be his punishment.

      • Savannah

        You’re absolutely right. The bible did make that phrase famous. Only because in the ten commandments it says specifically to not use that term and treat your neighbor exactly as you’d want them to treat you. Even though I consider mysekf agnostic I do not appreciate ANYONE mocking ANY religion. Be it Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, etc. If you want to make a point, go surfing around wikipedia or whatever godforsaken place you found your shitty information. Learn a few things about any religion before you critisize it ok, shithead?

    • Raymond Crow

      hopefully they will get the culprit soon. Problem is once in jail or even prison, once the fellow inmates find out what they did and intended to hurt children they will not be able to fulfill their sentence. If they even make it to trial. Problem will be if it was juveniles that done it.

      • Kasey

        Raymond Crow I don’t think that’s a problem. Let prisoners have him, they usually have kids and they’ll mess him up worse than our “justice” system.

  • Alicia Rivera Carrero

    wondering if the culprit(s) was watching since they took the time to intentionally place the blades. Good thing parents where paying attention as I always see kids practically alone. This is a warning to all we must be vigilant and warn everyone you know about this. It truly is a sick world out there. Hope the little boy is OK.

    • jacqui

      I say find the person concernedvand make them climb across the bars.a child’s hands are softer so it will hurt them more so this person has to go twice,let’s hope they are rusty and well infected for them.what a sad sad world we live in eh!!!??..

      • girlonhere

        I am NOT being rude or anything but I am weird aboit weird things…..and #1 we don’t know how old the person was… it was probably a group of teenagers and #2it would hurt older kids or adults more because of the weight…. js

      • dmt

        I said the same thing.
        A teen not thinking it through.
        Assuming that a friend will not notice the razors and get a cut or that some parent will notice and freak.
        But NOT that a child will get hurt.

        Haven’t you done stupid things as a teen?

        We did break bottles not thinking that it will be a dog or a child who gets hurt.
        We just liked the sound of the glass smashing.

  • Austin

    Glad to see that he doesn’t have any serious injuries. It urkes me to think someone is cruel and stupid enough to do this kind of thing.

  • Michele

    Please post letting us know if this person is caught and if not what they are doing to keep our children safe.

    • ViCiOuS^66

      Firing squad is too good for him.. I say have him/them beaten to death as a warning to others that might think what they did was a good idea..make them suffer.

    • Sammi

      So many things wrong with that comment.
      1) Someone didn’t die. This is death for a cut.
      2) Assuming the person is male, and teen-adult aged. Don’t pretend you aren’t implying that.

      What if its some preteen girl? Are you going to be grinning about a firing squad, or being slowly beaten to death as a punishment for her?

      • William Stedman

        I know how they feel. There is no curing many mental illnesses. The person who did this is so full of hate there is no help. Too many times people fool themselves into thinking psychiatry is a true science. It’s only about half hard science and the rest is still in the middle ages.

  • Simon L.

    There was a woman who did this in the L.A. area a few years back. No one got hurt, and they ended up catching the psycho, and she was sentenced to prison. Someone should check if she ended up in Illinois after her release!

  • dust hutchins

    Thanks for sharing. ..I will definitely check the playground equipment before my kids play….it sounds like a big kid or teenagers doing although their are a lot of sick adults….If they find that blankety blank they need to take razors to them

  • Regg

    The worst part of this, if and when they do catch this individual, the court system will provide free legal council, found mentally unstable, placed in a mental institution, given medical attention, released after 6 months saying it’s under control, name not released if a minor, goes back into society to babysit your children until one day he stops taking the medications, because it suppresses ones feelings or some other laim excuse and goes back to his sick little world of hurting people. The loop just goes on.

    • James

      “free legal council” and how is this bad? Have you forgotten the most basic of tenants that make up our legal system? You are innocent until proven guilty – free legal council is necessary because we do not want to convince an innocent man of a guilty man’s crimes. When a guilty man walks free it is the fault of the prosecutor, not the defense, as it is a sign that the prosecution has failed to provide adequate evidence. Do not hate the defense for doing it’s job well, hate the prosecution for failing to do their job.

      “Mentally unstable” – where is your issue with this? Are you implying the person who did this ISN’T mentally unstable?

      “Given medical attention” – again, where is your problem with this? if we can take a mentally ill individual and offer them help, why shouldn’t we?

      “released after 6 months” – your lack of knowledge or experience with court-mandated psychological treatment is showing. Your stay in a psychiatric institution can be indefinite and for many extends far beyond their length of stay would be in prison. No doctor wants to risk releasing a psychopath.

      “goes back into society to babysit your children” – you’re scaremongering. Maybe they will go on to babysit children, maybe they’ll end up as the CEO of a multi-billion dollar company, maybe they’ll end up a homeless drunk, maybe they will pull you from a burning building and save your life – we can’t go dealing in “what ifs”.

      “until one day he stops taking the medications, because it suppresses ones feelings or some other laim excuse and goes back to his sick little world of hurting people. ” – it is absolutely despicable that so many broken individuals are thrown back into the world with little assistance or help. We need to be doing far more to help them mentally hurt and damaged members of society specifically to avoid situations like this.

      In short, whoever did this doesn’t deserve our vengeance, they deserve our pity, and if you disagree with me consider the following:

      You are just as human as the person that did this, you are made of flesh and bone just like they are. You could wake up tomorrow and do the exact same thing as this person has – you might not even remember doing it after the fact.

      Knowing this, would you rather society helped you, or society punished you?

      • dez

        You say all that and yet I’ve seen four cases of males being released after a psychological assessment only to go and murder their ex girlfriends. Your argument is weak if the cost is human life. You might want to risk the chance, but for me
        After seeing the pain and absolute despair of these girls parents then I say
        Kill em all! Paedophile and rapists included.

      • Jour

        James, I’ve never commented on one of these thing but you need a wake up call! You have too much faith in humanity… And I’m guessing you don’t have children? You’ll probably bite back with some liberal answer like “if we don’t have faith in humans then we will never see the nessicarry change that this world needs” blah blah blah… Fact is, the world is coorupt these days and you can’t trust anyone including the judicial system. What ever disgusting person did this should be executed.

      • Matt Rusciolelli


        The fact you have chosen this forum to make your points is petty. Look around you at the failings in the system instead of posting here, whatever could have crossed your mind to say this stuff here, might as well shake the hand of the person who did this to the playground and say “I got your back until you are guilty” I am not condemning anyone beforehand but really in this case if they find someone they will do just as you said they always do. So since you have pointed out only the negative side of the obvious here you should go back to whatever it is making you this much of a fool.

        You sound like a lawyer looking for loopholes for a case he/she has not even accepted yet, Good on ya Mate.

      • TP

        Good on you! Some people don’t understand that we need to step up and start helping instead of pointing fingers over and over.

        Keep on in the right direction man!

      • sumday

        I’m going to ignore your theory rant and give you a reality rant. When a guilty person goes free you have just denied the idea of justice to victims. If you let 99 guilty people go free for the sake of 1 innocent person what you have done is denied “justice” to 99 people for the sake of 1. Mind you those same 99 guilty people probably go on to add more victims. The courts although claiming to act in a way to protect innocent often times limit what the prosecution can present as evidence- what exactly good does it to do with hold evidence of a crime- remember Rodney King? The video which showed clear wrong doing was not allowed to be shown in court and somehow I’m supposed to trust this court system?

        As for mental issues, I’m sorry but I firmly believe that the public should not have to be put in harms way bc a person has mental issue. We don’t let crazy animals roam around the street simply bc they are crazy. If you mental capacity is such that you can not function in a safe manor in society than for the good of all of society you should be removed. How many kids were killed bc Adam was mentally unstable and wanted to shoot up an elementary school.

        There are a lot of problems with our court systems and the fact of the matter is we do not have a justice system- justice is merely a human thought or concept. What we have is a legal system, and I think most of us have grown very tired of seeing this system abused, and by-passed. While giving “fee legal representation” sounds like a noble idea the fact is many people are GUILTY and are still getting our tax dollars- exactly where does the criminal ever really pay for his crime as it is the public that has to pay for his lawyer, the public that has to pay for his jail and meals. Personally I’m all for bringing back chain gangs and if found guilty forcing the criminal to repay his lawyer fee’s.

        In short our legal system has become so slow and ineffective that many of us have given up any respect for it, and no longer put our trust in it. So while you may think it is the greatest thing ever the rest of us who have been robbed or assaulted by someone with a long criminal record would argue that no matter what you say or legal system is failing to protect honest citizens from real criminals. I honestly don’t care how loud you argue the moral ground or base your argument in theory, I’m only concerned with the reality that I deal with on a daily bases- and that is tax dollars being spent to defend a guilty person, tax dollars going to support a mental problem, tax dollars going to support jail- food, security, housing. We spend million-billions on criminals yet our elderly and veterans who did nothing wrong won’t even get 10% of the money spent on criminals and mental health patients.

      • Gary

        I have to at least partially agree with james here all the things he points out are necessary in order for our justice system to work properly, and believe me you can be accused of a crime based solely on circumstantial evidence or by simply being at the wrong place at the wrong time (trust me i’ved had it happen, it’s what made me want to study law) but it just simply doesn’t applie in this case. who ever did this was not someone who “wasn’t in their right state of mind” or suffering from a temporary psychotic episode as everyone has described this was a well thought out and calculated plan to cause serious bodily harm to CHILDREN. it is a heinous crime and if the perp is caught, trialed and convicted they should be punished to the maximum extent of the law, ad if I was the D.A. I would be seeking an attempted murder charge against them.

      • Ed

        In which case I would hope that someone would put me out of my sick twisted mind, because I would not want to wake up one day and know I was responsible for the deaths or mutilation of little children.

      • Michael

        The fact that so few have seriously considered this argument makes me facepalm.

        James was refuting the previous post, and did so pretty deftly. If the current system is failing it is not because we aren’t throwing enough people in prison.

        Because we are doing A LOT of that. Texan officials have come out and said that this doesn’t work:

        Death penalty? It doesn’t deter crime either; people who are mentally unstable may not think logically about the consequences of their actions.

        The standard answer to James is to bring up some sort of strawperson argument against ‘liberalism’ in general. But you don’t need to be a liberal to see that this doesn’t work.

        Yes, we need to make sure people don’t do terrible, terrible things like this. But rather than locking people up or killing people after the fact, I’d prefer to try and find a way to prevent it from happening in the first place – by understanding how the behaviour forms and how it can be eradicated, or how we can reorganize society to make sure these individuals won’t do these things.

        I don’t know the solution to this issue, but let’s please stop pretending the solution is a kneejerk vengeance reaction. Despite the hysteria over ‘liberalism’, we’ve been going the ‘vengeance’ route for years (just check out the numbers of mentally unstable people in prisons in the U.S.: and it clearly isn’t working.

        Let’s take a step back and try to figure out how to solve the root problems, please.

      • Celena

        My uncle was killed at 46 by a 16yr old with Asperger’s. All my family got was an apology posted in the local newspaper – not even to my aunt’s face from the kid’s parents and the kid got off with NOTHING. Absolutely nothing. Since then he’s stolen cars and more I’m sure, but not aware of.

        He may be mentally disabled, but he’s dangerous regardless and should be treated as such. Because of this whole mentality that if you’re mentally unfit to make rational decisions, you shouldn’t be held accountable for your actions, far too many people are using this as an excuse to avoid the justice that’s deserved.

        And really, anyone willing to commit such crimes ANY crimes of violence against another human being can’t be right in the head at all, so are we just supposed to coddle these ‘mentally unstable’ people? Show our children there’s nothing we can do because those people are ‘sick’ and need help. I’m sure the parents of this boy are going to need help with their son healing and dealing with the mental trauma that at a Park – where children are supposed to be having fun, can be a nightmare….

        I’m sorry James, but you’re living in an idealistic world, where what you’re saying is just not possible.

        Whoever did this, mentally unstable or not deserves to rot in jail just like anyone else who would hurt a child.

      • Lacy Pekarik

        I have a three year old little boy. A sweet, innocent, trusting, curious wonderful, energetic, playful three year old boy. He is my love and my life. There is no reason that someone else in this world should do anything to harm my child, or anyone elses, for any reason. Insane or not. A person would HAVE TO BE insane to even come up with the thought of doing this. I hope that whoever does this, DOES get help with whatever issue they have, so that then they can start to process exactly how cruel, hurtful and pointless this stupid act of theirs was, and that they live to regret it for a long, long time.

      • CCKM

        Dude, your trippin’ on expired acid. John Wayne Gacey and Ted Bundy were flesh and blood too! SO WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?!?!! Nothing dude. People like this should get one in the back of the head, end of story.

      • Devon

        Thank you James. Before I read your comment I was thinking just like the rest of them, yes what this person did is very disturbing and sick. But everyone deserves the chance to better themselves. You don’t know whT they’re going throught, what their life is like. That’s why we have institutes for people like this. To give hem the chance to be “normal”. I know a lot of you would love to see him put to death, but what if it was your kid, husband, friend, or sibling? Would you automatically want them to die? I doubt it.

      • David Thomas


        Thank you for your reply. You stated things very well for those of us who disagree with the lynch mob mentality.

      • heather

        james you have a few good points..looking at it from the point of view of a defense attorney, I’m sure you’d get this person out of taking any responsibility for these actions..and I’m sure you probably don’t have children.. because anyone with children who actual cared about there well being could not just sit by while you defend this animal.

        unstable or not,,,you have to have some form of awareness of what your doing ,,,knowing that this was targeting a child,, ,,,,,please read that last sentence again… these actions were targeting A CHILD!!!!!!!

        anyone wanting to defend this person….is just as sick in my opinion as the person doing it.. just to take it upon yourself to be the spokes person for the twisted and deranged is twisted in itself.

        and breaking bottles to hear them smash is not the same as gluing razors to monkey-bars…really people.. what is wrong with you..
        and if your teens want to act like this then there just as juilty ad the adults… some of you just make me sick..the way you defend who did this,,, not who may or may not be falsely accused but the person who actualy DID IT.. YOU PEOPLE SEEM LIKE YOU JUST WANT SOMETHING TO ARGUE ABOUT …forgetting that children r actually being harmed …
        well if you just want someone to argue here. and would love nothing more than to see the death penalty fully taken advantage of…

        sincerely..another parent..
        with plenty of opinion for anyone to challenge… at…

    • Bunyip

      Sorry, but someone that did this wouldn’t be defended like that by being deemed ‘mentally unstable’. They have enough mental stability to methodically plaster razors to specifically harm children. Sociopathic, certainly, but not unstable enough to be legally excused of this horrendous act.

      Unless they can afford the expensive services of a very, very good lawyer, there’s no saving him if they’re caught. A good thing, too, I want the person that did this to rot in jail for the rest of their life.

      This person does not fit the ‘unstable’ label – this was cold, calculated cruelty. Nothing unstable about it. Stop scapegoating the mentally ill people who genuinely need help and focus on the fact that we need to find this vile excuse of a person before they can harm any other innocent child.

      • Ed

        I agree and firmly believe that a few dollars of the right caliber ammo would correct the problem permanetly and put a permanant warning out there for anyone else thinking of doing such a sick and twisted thing. This took planning, and forethought to put all of them in places throughout the playground where they would do the most damage possible. Jail is too good for someone this twisted and disturbed. Notice I didn’t say sick, because if he is sick he can got off by going into a facality until they decide he is “cured”, then he is released back into society completely free. How many times have we heard of Mentally unstable individuals being released back into society only to KILL again and again. Jeffry Dahlmer was just one such person. HE raped and ATE little boys. Fortunately thanks to some of the other prisoners at the Prison in CA he was remanded to, he will NEVER again do those horrible things to someone’s little boy again. Sometimes the only real cure is the absolute letter the law, or to let society take care of the problem. Look at our Government right now. Because we have a Corrupted Senate, the House is UNABLE to begin Impeachment proceedings against someone who has not only violated an OATH he took at least 3 times, but has LIED to the entire nation hundreds of times, blames all the problems caused by those lies on others, has been re-writing several of the Amendments in our Bill of Rights by using “Executive Orders”, and notified the entire nation 4 years ago that he ” Would not stop until he managed to either remove, destroy, or revoke, our Second Amendment from the Constitution of the United States”. In otherwords, he has labeled himself as a TRAITOR to his Office, the People, and the Nation, and by being willing to Violate the Oath he has taken at least 3 times now to PROTECT and DEFEND from ALL ENEMIES FOREIGN and DOMESTIC, he has also labeled himself as one of those Domestic Enemies. If more than a year ago, the House had asked for the vote they wanted to ask for, the motion would have FAILED simply because the SENATE run by Democrats who are willing to allow a TRAITOR to violate the tenants of his office, the limits placed on his position by the Constitution, and destroy far too many of our basic rights given to us by our forefathers and Thousands of Dead and Alive Veterans who fought frequently to the death to protect.

      • Nunya

        That’s exactly what we need to do to these kind of evil people, Ed. Then, and only then, will evil people think twice before hurting children.

      • Roxanne DeLaCruz

        I totally agree…They really need to stop labeling these sick evil individuals..Mentally unstable and deal with him for what it is..Evil and premeditated..smh..God Bless us All…

      • Ashley

        About 6 or 7 years ago, some sicko put acid all over the slide at the park in my friend’s old neighborhood. We don’t live in a “bad” neighborhood at all! We’ve all grown up together, so it was just awful! The worst part of it all was that none of those poor babies had jeans on. It was was way too hot that day :( smh

    • Brittany

      Actually, mental illness is rarely used in court because lawyers know it is rarely granted. And, the people who are found to have mental issues are usually committed to institutions where they never get out because there is no set sentence and the staff are the ones who deem whether they are able to go back to society. I would hold off on judging our system for providing free legal counsel because it is a right we think everyone deserves, regardless of the crime, as long as you are eligible which basically meana you can’t afford a real lawyer. And if the perpetrator is a juvenile, there will be no trial and no lawyer anyway; juveniles don’t have the same rights as adults.

      I’m fall for finding the person. Hell, burn em as far as I’m concerned. But don’t bash our criminal justice system if you don’t know how it works. Don’t get me wrong, it needs A LOT of work, we’re still implementing policies that have no effect whatsoever on crime, and ignoring other tactics that do. Just wanted to make sure you have the correct information. This country needs more people that are actually informed.

      • John Grove

        Brittany you were telling someone not to judge or bash our criminal justice system? Why shouldn’t they? We have one the the worse justice systems imo. Little girls get rand it takes for years for the man that does it to get into court for it only to be dismissed, unless she takes the stand. I could get caught with 2 grams of marijuana and get more time than I would if I had randomly shot someone in the face. So where is the “justice” in our so-called justice system? Short answer, there is none.

      • CJ

        I completely agree! It’s an imperfect system that does need a lot of work. It has failed but also succeeded. Give the authorities a chance to do their job! Why does it always have to come down to “liberalism or conservatives”?? That is the real problem all of this, a country torn down the middle. I’m democratic myself but I can admit that they need to throw the book at this psycho and put them away for life or worse. For any real solution you have to look at things from both angles to determine the best resolution. And shooting eachother down for his/her opinion won’t help because it already has taken the focus off this particular, horrifying situation. God bless this family and pray justice is served for this innocent child.

    • tom

      I think they should charge them with attempted murder when they find out who did it …. the kid could have bled to death …

    • Rasul

      Thats why people shold take matters like this and such mote into their own hands because it just is worth the jailtime or the fine if you are caught that is, we have to deal with idiots like that on our own sometimes too..

    • Fred

      I guess there will be other play grounds with these problems. Thanks to the news media with their details on how the razor blades were gluded

    • LizD

      You’re so right, it’s so sad isn’t it? What kind of sick bastard does this crap, I mean really?

  • Britney

    Hopefully y’all had lab work drawn in case the razors were contaminated!! So sad what people do these days! Prayers lifted for your sweet boy!

  • Jessica Cameron

    I am very very sorry to the parents of this child and to all the parents of the children attending this school. To have to now live in this kind of anxiety of knowing someone actually did this, and that someone is still out there. Atrocities happen daily, and we empathize with the victims, but something about this case is so vicious and bilious. It makes a deep and powerful force rise up within a person to want to reject and refuse this kind of behavior and to take action. I sincerely hope this person is caught and the proper sentence issued. Very grateful this young man was not seriously injured. Big hugs to him and the family.

  • Vikki

    Thats just sick I hope they find the psychopath who did that :/ poor kid. Just hearing that story is upsetting

  • Wow

    I hope they work hard and tirelessly till they find this person after what happened in Sandy Hook and the reality of people being so deranged there behavior will only escalate from here this should not be taken lightly.

    • Becky Banks

      This would give people the knowledge that it has happened and to be on the lookout now. Noone would have thought to make sure that these was there until it happened. Now that it has been put out there now people know to actually look for these type of things. I would even say to check sand boxes for the younger ones for this reason. Sadly more people will be doing this but now maybe people will keep an eye out for this before kids get on things. I am just happy that this little one did not get hurt worse than he did. Like his parents said if he was older and put more weight down it would have done more damage.

    • Kelsey

      The same thought came into my mind the moment before i was about to share it! beneath the video, there was even advertisements for razor blades!

  • Mary Pahlman


  • Nasto

    maybe the person or persons who did this should ‘play’ on this playground as punishment. and if they get sliced, no medical attention for them. may they bleed to death.

    • Ashley

      It wasn’t gum. It was a white putty. So there wouldn’t be DNA on that. Maybe fingerprints, but they’re checking for that. And it won’t do much unless the person or people are in the system already, or if they have a suspect. Hopefully whoever did it brags about it to someone who will turn them in.

    • kathleen Robinson

      I am once again shuddering at the thought of what mankind has done to mankind.
      with my grandchildren I used to worry about filth, germs Etc. ( and their is a lot in that ETC. ) Now we have to add this horror to our safety checks in children’s play areas~~ I just shudder.

  • Mike M Mikela

    The problem with making a massive deal about this, is that posting it all over the internet gives other people the idea. If more and more nutters see this it will give them ideas to go and do it to some other poor sods park and it could be worse for them…

    • angel

      You make a very valid point, however it will also raise awareness to parents and care givers to start checking playground equipment from now on. I don’t allow my toddler to play in ball pits or sand boxes because you never know what is at the bottom.

    • Liz

      I agree 100% thaat the copycats with half a brain will jump on this trick. I know they’re just doing their job tio report things but can we say discretion? Good sense maybe? Guess I hope for too much.

  • AJackson

    Back in the ’80s someone put razor blades in the joins between segments in water slides in a water park here in Australia. The park closed down for years because so many kids were shredded as they came down the slides. What kind of sick mind comes up with this sort of stuff?

  • Ina Bråten

    I can not desccribe how angry I was when I heard about this.(I have a 3 year old at home). I really hope u all are ok. This man/ woman that did this shold be forced to play at this park/ playground!!
    This is crazy!!

    U are my hero Madden!! from Norway

  • Raviddicus

    I am absolutely flabberghasted. The fact that someone would even THINK of this is ridiculous.
    See, it’s reasons like this that I hate this Earth and find humans to be rather pathetic.
    I would personally love to torture and kill the culprit myself. See how they like being sliced up.

  • Laura

    The amount of time and effort it took to glue those razors just so, onto metal, which is difficult def suggests older teens, maybe 16-18 year olds. They need to be charged as adults with a felony and put away for a long long time. Someone that’ll do this has no place in society. None. In jail, they’ll get lots of chances to play with razors while they sharpen shanks to keep the thugs from pounding their teenage rears into raw hamburger.

    • Jared

      OH YEAH because it could ONLY be a teenager 16-18 because all teenagers are just horrible low lives that don’t want to do anything but hurt innocent children. Not ALL teenagers are bad kids and it very easily could have been an adult, so why don’t you think a little before you go acting like you solved the case.

      • FrankO

        It’s the guys opinion, and this is a comment board. This is the typical behavior of a troubled teenager, and I would guess 16 also. Sometimes having a little “discrimination” is a good thing when you are trying to find the truth. It’s not that far fetched, and I see nothing wrong with it. You, on the other hand, want to start a cruelty to troubled teens bias group.

  • bsymommonologues

    This is incredible to believe! Thanks for sharing this I will make sure to share this information too.

  • sam

    Clearly the person who did this need to seek medical help for their mental health issues, this is sooo horrible I hope they catch the person who did this and I hope they get their desirved punishment.

  • Jessica Roberts

    I’m pretty sure this, or something similar, has happened before. Because I remember when I was little always checking for stuff like that before playing on the playground. Or maybe I was just paranoid?
    anyways I hope this doesn’t give other creeps any ideas. I hope that there was no diseases or anything on those blades. And that they got the child check just in case. And I also hope they catch a little creek that did this and punish him accordingly.
    I do not by any means think that death is an appropriate punishment! And anybody who thinks so is also sick and needs to have their mental stability evaluated immediately!
    I mean what is this was just a kid who was getting bullied in school by kids to play on that part? Or a kid who saw this on TV and thought it was funny?
    my point is this could’ve been anybody, even a kid. So wanting them dead for not even killing anyone is absurd insane.

  • j.r.

    To point James I do agree with what you have to say about you just so system however the unspoken Law children shall not be harmed or society shall deal with them has been that way since beginning of time and shall always be. To point. Put me in the same cell……

  • Ashley

    You can’t hide anything from our Creator he will seek that person out..I pray that person will confess their wrong doings and I pray for the family involved!

    • amethist

      @ Jeremy. You have got a lot of nerve to disrespect God in your comment. I see miracles happen everyday, but maybe your not worthy enough?

    • Brian Hower

      Just curious then Jack…do you believe there is a God–or not? What is your reason for either?

    • Terri

      Where is God? He is probably crying when He sees how we treat each other. He is omnipresent and cares, but He created us with free will. We are not robots that He controls. We are controled more by Satan, the god of this world. Satan is the great liar and he has landed you hook, line and sinker. You can believe what you want, but you are falling for his oldest and greatest lie – that God doesn’t care and it is all His fault. Satan is laughing hysterically that people continue to fall for this lie. As for God allowing bad things to happen, we as humans can’t begin to know His will or His ways. We all, however, will be judged in the end, that includes you, me and Mr. Razorblade Nut-job. So open your eyes and let God reveal His truth to you!

  • Carter Steele

    If this were my child i would want to kill the jerk who did this. What a sick human being. People like this should NEVER be allowed to see the light of day….screw jail for a few months or probation or psychiatric help.

  • barbei

    SOOOO glad I live in a Mayberry kinda town!!! We have 3 1/2 police officers who know most all of the kids by name…. I am soo sorry this happened to you Madden. You can come to Delaware & play at our park safely…

  • Ashley

    I don’t think this is a place to argue your political views, or your views on our justice system. We should be focusing on the issue at hand. The safety of our children. And fighting in comments is not helping. Go out there and check your parks. Let’s stop arguing about mental illness and conviction, when it likely isn’t relevant. Stop throwing in your two cents about what you would do to the person if you found them. Some of what your minds come up with is sick, putting aside how deserving your victim would be. If you are capable of what you claim to be, you might need to be locked up yourselves. We should be grateful that no children were killed or seriously injured. We should be warning our loved ones and checking our parks. Instead, you’re wasting time on your computers, arguing hypotheticals about a case that hasn’t happened, with details you know nothing about. Who are you helping?

  • rachel tate

    god that is just insane!! camras need to be put in place this could have been very serious! stupid low fife weirdo who ever put them there need locking up!

    • Becky Banks

      Um you can not base the color on what happened. Color has nothing to do with what happened! And for the one saying it’s a white person it could be a white person but it could be a black person as well! This isn’t a racist thing on color. This is something that has hurt an INNOCENT boy!

      • Nunya

        Has nothing to do with skin color. However, I know a certain religion that condones raping and killing children. *ahem* wake up America or our country will turn into a 3rd world country real soon, and this kind of stuff will be every day, normal stuff.

    • freebledsoe

      While this would be bizarre, it would definitely not be unprecedented. I’m sure the police are also quietly looking into the possibility, particularly given the very minor cut on the child’s hand. Razor blades don’t leave a scratch as shown in the picture. However unless and until there is some evidence of this, it is only conjecture and not the likeliest scenario.

  • George Johnson

    I hope they do catch and hang this dirt bag. Having said that….
    Why are parents not checking the playground equipment before their kids play on it? They are the most precious things you own. What if some part of it had been broken and came crashing down on your kid?
    Seriously, all it takes is a few seconds to do like a pilot does before a flight, walk around with your kid looking at the equipment and giving some of it a shake and a kick to make sure it’s still sturdy and doesn’t have any sharp points or broken edges.
    Considering most of these playgrounds are built by the same people that run the DMV, I wouldn’t let my kid go out there without checking it.
    It’s not hard and doesn’t take long, and it’s a good time to teach your kid a little bit about being safe.

    • FrankO

      He’s 3. Must be so wonderful to be “Super Parent” like you, where all children are saved from all harm because of your tireless vigilance. You can’t stop everything Herbert.

    • Ashley

      You cannot be seriously placing blame on the parents. They probably go to this park frequently, so no real need to check the stability or safety of the equipment, because they already know it is safe, except for the psycho who did this. And who would expect anyone to do this to children? I wouldn’t.

  • maria lacy

    That is so sick..i hope they find the person or the people that did this. i feel sad for the innocent boy. someone posted that the peron need help not vengeance…well the person would get help alright help the the hosp.!!!

  • Martial Dufour

    Wow… so much hate… especially when the culprits are probably a just bunch of badly brought up kids themselves.

  • Reality

    If every offender was excused on basis of having a mental illness, the prisons would be empty and society would be huddled in their homes, urinating themselves in abject terror. The fact is, all criminals have mental illness … a propensity for breaking society’s rules is one of the “major” symptoms of mental illness.

    You wouldn’t excuse a diabetic for a heinous crime because they were suffering from a “sugar rush,” would you? o-O

    Our courts decided, ages ago, to adopt the M’Naughten rule of deciding whether an offender’s psychological capacity can be used as a defense ~ loosely translated as “officer at the elbow test” ~ if an offender is truly too psychologically incapicitated to know right from wrong, he’ll commit the crime in front of an armed police officer.

    IOW, if he’s lucid enough to commit his crime furtively, he’s lucid enough to NOT commit the crime.

    Feel pity for the mentally ill offender ~ that’s a fine, positive thing to do. But never delude yourself into thinking they couldn’t help what they did (except in VERY isolated cases) ~ they knew and they didn’t care.

    How do I intimately know this? I’m a retired forensic psychologist. I used to evaluate offenders and recommend interim treatment.

    I’ll also say that while I think the death penalty is too harsh (given our laws ~ judges are limited in what sentences they can impose) for this particular offender (who’s likely an adult, white male in his 50s to 60s), I do support capital punishment. Paedophiles and serial murderers are inrehabitable. Their recividism rate is astronomical ~ they always WILL re offend.

    • Rosalie

      It’s such a shame that we have such sick, evil people in this world. These people are troubled and should seek help, but they’re the very one’s who don’t think they need it. There are also those with a warped sense of humor.

  • Benjamin

    As a parent yes I’ll say I am very aware & do my best to be aware of the surroundings my children are in at all times… This is why we as parents are called Guardians! I wouldn’t have allowed my child to play on this because to me the razor blades would have stood out… However, the fact that someone would even do this is beyond my realm of understanding other than pure evil… It is my hope that God him self will strike their heart with a paralyzing fear that would consume them in all but a flash of lightening… Because Heaven help the evil punk who is caught by a Father and Real man…. Yes, we do Exist… An God help whom ever did this because sure as we are Fathers We’d take action so swift an without a second thought They had best pray…. You’d see Red! What Father wouldn’t…. So needless to say… If I ever catch someone doing this… I don’t care if their a young dumb punk or a veto gang banger who ever the hell you are… I am a Father… I am a Man… I am a Solider for God… I’d drop them without a second thought… An you can’t tell me no Police officer one wouldn’t back me… (So Long as I didn’t kill em’) You can still drop someone without killing them…Relax… Deep breath… Swift action… 3 seconds or less… Sweep, Pull Push Drop immobilize & hold…. Bam BAM BAM! Then the cops come… I’m a Native Missourian & have been in Arizona for almost Ten years now… I can honestly say…. Who ever this person is, They will get caught… An heaven help them if it is by a father…

  • freebledsoe

    Not to take away from the dreadfulness of this act, but the aids needles on gas pump handle stories have been proven to be a hoax. Every so often someone puts the story out again, changing the names and places.

    • Tom

      Common sense should tell someone that. A virus cannot live without a host, the virus is dead within minutes of leaving the body.

  • Steve

    After observing some of the photos, I have noticed that the blades in the pictures I’ve seen, have the left side angled slightly downward. Based on the natural angle of hands, I would hedge to guess that those blades were placed there by a Left-Hand, & likely a Left-Handed person!..Make sure to at least interview all occupants of every single home within view of that playground!..Also, check to see where the type of putty reportedly used, is sold in the area. I would tend to think that the Absolute Piece of Human Debris that did this, likely lives within view of that playground…….

      • anonymous 2

        Dateline ID helps to solve cases. Obviously it was a left handed person and they should be looking at everyone in a 1/2 mile radius who is left handed!!!

  • Ali

    It’s a sad day when you can’t even take your kids to the park in fear of something harming them. It’s too bad that poor boy got hurt, but it is a good wake up call to help make us parents aware of our children’s surroundings. I hope the schools are checking their equipment before recess as well.

  • lester cruse

    They are SICK. What they deserve is ‘lethal injection’. Be happy to administer it! These F*cks aren’t worth the air they breathe

    • Maryland

      I am the mother of three grown children and bless God that I did not have to worry about so many issues that affect the children today. Everything was not squeaky clean, but the issues today are heartbreaking. I have six grandchildren and will do anything in my power to exact swift punishment on the offenders. The person who said the parents were just seeking attention, the Princeton mom who stated that the female is responsible for her being raped, the judges who hand out a slap on the hand and all the good doers who protest punishment are as guilty as the offenders. The very sad part is no matter what we try to do to stop the offenders, they have more rights than the innocent.
      A very sad Mom and Grandma.

  • Huck Wratchford

    It seems no matter how hard you try these days to keep your children safe from stupid people out here it’s not gonna work , until the laws change to where the criminal has less right then the common person out here and gets slapped on the wrests and set free again and again most of the time for the same thing over , this country isn’t gonna get any better , bring back Capital Punishment and Chain Gangs , and fry a few of these crazy assed people out here that deserve it , you won’t have over crowded prisons , and the tax payer will maybe get some relief !!!

  • Michelle

    Sorry but this guy should be executed. These are children. How sick and twisted could someone possibly be. It does not get much worse than this. People are so sick

  • ølgon plaguewalker

    The interesting thing here is folks, is that this is a finely crafted hoax started on 4chan.

    The whole point of it is to show how a few random people can come together and make all of your gullible minds drink it up and regurgitate it back into the Web.

    Youve all been bamboozled, by master rusemen.

  • leanna gallegos

    i hope you went to the police about this becuase there could be someone around that place or in a near by town who looking to do more then that. i hope you did and i hope you find this person quickly

  • UnderO87

    Dude I’m glad there is people in this world like you, to that kind of stuff, so we don’t have too. This guy is possessed.

  • MsYishai Yahaziel

    I’m sadden that this toddler was hurt, but I am grateful that he was the last and hopefully ONLY CHILD that was hurt “thanks to his parents” that alerted the police to this SICK ACTof placing razor blades all over a park gym equipment so they could be removed before any other child got hurt.

  • Katie

    Several years ago a teenage girl in California- with history of a mental illness- sprinkled and hid razor blades all over her neighborhood park. You would have to have a mental illness to do such an awful thing. I now feel the need to check the playground before I send my toddler off to play.

    As far as people saying God doesn’t care about mankind, I would advise you to re-read the Bible. As Terri said, God has given us the right to choose to obey and love him. He provided the Bible for us in order to learn about him and learn about what he hates and what he loves. It is up to us to apply Bible principles and do our best to live in harmony with them. The Bible says Satan is the ruler of this world and that is evident by how the world lives. Very soon God will step in to rid Satan and his demons of their evil practices and restore the earth to fulfil his original purpose. How loving is that?

  • Brad

    Good thing they found them before anything worse happened. Likely some nearby neighbor who is frustrated with kids playing in the morning while they have a hangover, because they were drunk the night before. Or some corrupted teenagers who think it would be funny to injure other children with suprise razor blades. But that is just a guess.

  • dmt

    I think that clueless kids (teens) did this.
    They were bored and playing in one of their dads garages/workshops. Found a box of razors (they come in large packs) and maybe threw them at some cardboard like ninja stars for a while and then decided it would be fun to scare some people by sticking razors (with the all surface adhesive also found in the garage) to the playground.
    Maybe they did it as a trap for a friend.
    And it just never occurred to them that a child might get hurt.

    And now that they found out what happened they’re like “ugh.. seemed like a good idea at the time”, “dude you should stop smoking weed, gives you dumb ideas”. =/

    At least that’s what I think.
    Teenage stupidity.
    Some people these days are so self centered it’s scary.

    To me it makes more sense than some psycho jacking off to a injured child’s cry.

    But the idea of making the perp now use the equipment with the razors attached appeals to me.
    They will surely not do it again.

  • Jeff Rifenbery

    Somewhere out there ,is a parent just waiting for some sicko to try his/her child.And prepared, and a nice bullet to put sicko down, saves court and legal fees when caught red handed

  • John

    The person (or persons) who did this did not do it because they wanted to harm children. They did it to get the result it got… media and public attention, outrage, discussion all around town, province, etc. When people do things that don’t make logical sense you have to look for the real reason it was done…. in this case it’s easy.

  • Abbi

    I can tell you from experience that when a few teens get together they like to show off. I can definately see this being the case. In our small town I don’t let our kids play at the park because the teens like to hang out there. I know for a fact that the boys tend to pee down the slides. They think it’s funny. I learned my lesson the hard way after my daughter got wet and a bunch of teens started laughing. I have teenagers now so I know they are not all bad but I’m just saying….A lot more goes on at the parks than we know. It’s sick and just plain gross.

  • Frank Haring

    There is a divide between people of normal human mental activity and those who appear human and have nothing similar to human mentality. I have long despised the so called ‘mental illness’ claim used to ‘protect’ the ‘miss-understood individual’. None of which is true. The real proposition is, a human exhibits human behavior, a thing not human does not. The truth rests in that. There are lives among us which can not be human by virtue of actions and behavior. That being proof of their mental activity. Which shows they are not human. Now some questions. How do you mentally fix the lack of capacity to think, feel, and be a human? What defense can be given to something not human? Why is there even the smallest of sympathy for something not human? Please keep in mind I only speak towards those resemblances which live among us.

  • Harry Briscoe

    They are sick cowards picking on kids they have been dragged up put me in a room with a couple of them with a razor blade !!!!!!!!!!

  • Heyyyy

    I think that since whoever did this should go get cut by the blade and see how it feels and go say “SORRY” to the boy I’m mean what sick person would do that did they think it was funny because it is certainly is not funny what if he was older it could of weight down and went deeper and got infected and got his finger amputated but i guess thats fine ya know! God i hate people like this, this is horrible like what if this happened to his wrist?! Horrible right!

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