Beyond the Green Screen. The Madness to My Bracket

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Growing up I loved watching college basketball. It’s what Kentucky does. We don’t have a professional football or basketball team but we have some really great high school and college basketball teams.

I always have and still love the Louisville Cardinals. Since I moved to the Q.C. it has been a lot harder to find a local place to go to that’s playing their games. I don’t blame them as that’s the case with any state that has their own local teams to cheer for. It has made it more difficult to keep up with the games though, except during the big tournament.

My Facebook feed is full of Louisville and Kentucky score updates during basketball season. I’m always reminded of how well my hometown guys are doing on the court. My interest in other teams drops quite a bit outside of that. That’s my downfall. 1jQX5Y.SlMa.80

How can I fill out my bracket if I don’t follow the other teams? My bracket is very biased. I just always put Louisville or Kentucky to win the whole thing and base my other picks on the seed standings and what I remember the teams to be like when I watched them growing up. I think my odds are looking pretty good based on that. ;)

There’s really no wrong or right way to fill out a bracket. After all the upsets so far last week I still have made it to number 15 out of 45 in our WQAD tournament. That’s not great but maybe I’ll have better luck in the days ahead.

I hate that Louisville and Kentucky play each other on Thursday. I love both teams but Louisville comes first. I just want both of them to be in the final two. But who are we kidding… Louisville is going to win the whole thing again. ;) jennifer-lawrence-louisville-cardinals

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