Toddler hurt by razor blades on local playground

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A two-year-old was hurt after razor blades were placed on playground equipment at Millennium Park in East Moline.

A police department spokesman said police found several razor blades glued to various pieces of equipment at the park, at 5101 Archer Drive, just before 1 p.m. Monday, March 24, 2014.

"Officers collected the razor blades and other evidence," according to a statement from East Moline Police Captain John Reynolds.

Reynolds said a two-year-old child was injured.  The child's mother says he will be okay.

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to contact Capt. Reynolds at (309) 752-1552 or Crime Stoppers of the Quad Cities at (309) 762-9500.

Click here to see what the toddler and his parents say about what happened


      • jen

        That is true, God will give back to that person/people, but i just dont get y someone would do such a thing. Its upsetting. And i dont want to be afraid of taking my kids to a park because of these ppl that have no heart.

      • TheGodThatFailed

        Yeah, torture them forever! That’s definitely not out of proportion for the crime committed.

    • Michael Wellman

      Then I hope God gets to the culprit before you do. one thing that certainly separates us from him: He’s merciful, we’re not. we have years and years of war history to back that fact up.

  • nikole3023

    I don’t understand why some people here are assuming its teens? Adults commit awful crimes all the time

      • Lee

        Ummm, sorry, but Bundy started killing at age 14 (teen) and Manson never actually killed anyone but had people do his killing for him. He had done a lot of crimes as a teen himself though. Normally it does start when people are at the younger age. Most criminals (especially deranged ones like this) had done stuff while younger and grow up psychotic and graduate to more evil things. So, teens do it as well and more often than not, they are the ones behind things like this (it has happened before and the kids were caught). They are usually the ones who see it on TV and decided to do it too.

    • Missy

      Because this just reeks of pre-teen or teen boredom, that’s why. When I was 13 we thought it was hilarious to spit from the 8th floor of an apartment building and see if it hit someone. When I was 16 we thought it was funny stick chewed up gum on the seats at Burger King and hope the popular chicks would sit in it. That is why everyone is blaming this on teens. They do mindless things when they are bored.

  • Just Sayin'

    now you’re categorizing teenagers as bad people.
    maybe they were just stoned wanting to have some cardio.
    I’d suggest look to the old mentally unstable guy who feeds birds.

  • shar

    you kind of have to wonder what’s going through their mind when they think of things like this, whats next? its sad

  • Lanette

    I don’t know, personally if I saw an adult up on some of the play equipment gluing razor blades, I think that would draw a red flag! But if I saw a or some teens on the equipment I would think they are just horsing around and would not give it a second thought? Sorry people but it is teens here with too much idle time on their hands. Too many parents don’t know where and what their teens are doing and too many teens have too much useless times on their hands to play sick jokes. These are the teens who have never been held accountable for anything or have a clue what consequences are!

    • victorious

      Ok but just because they are teens doesn’t give them the right to do that. Not only are they hurting themselves because of what will come but innocent people that had no idea and just want to play in the playground. Just because they are teens it’s suddenly ok because they’re not old enough to know the right from wrong. I just don’t think that its right that most people are assuming there teens who did it because everyone including adults could have done something twisted like that

  • Heathe1984

    There are some sick people out there. I hope and pray whom ever did this gets caught. And hoping those razor blades weren’t another way of spreading some kind of STD. Bad enough you can barely stand in your own front yard or go to the store without having to worry about your safely. This just shows what this world is coming too.

  • Duane

    as a parent I feel like there is a need to hunt the scum behind this and give them what they deserve. Makes me sick to my stomach…I pray for quick healing of the poor lil fella that got hurt and pray and hope the person resposible (or more like irresposible) is brought to swift justice and made an example so nobody even thinks of doing this to our children again! Rally together parents, keep your eyes peeled because the sicko is probably watching their handy work…just ANGRY!!! Come out you coward!

  • CRyder

    This was not a prank it was an act with intention to harm a child. It should be handled as an act of terrorism. My child plays there and we will continue to visit the park, but it will never be the same. This very well could of been my boy. My hearts goes out to the child and there family.

  • West Virginia

    This is so crazy! What do teenagers think they are doing when they do stupid stuff like this! They should be charged with attempted murder and anything else that goes along them lines! Makes my stomach turn to even see stuff like this!

  • cyndi

    when a bunch of jagged broken bottles were buried in the sand at the end of slides and under the swings at a park here, it was a group of teenagers.

    • kari

      Congratulations. You know how to spell four. I bet that makes you feel so superior to be able to correct someone’s spelling and grammar online. Get a life. * Saving the world from obnoxious grammar police one at a time.

    • Sandy

      Jamie, I agree, something has to be done. Even when you take your child seems like you have to check every all the equipment if it is safe. For some reason I believe some teenagers or adults have done this.
      The little kids don’t think of things like that.
      God Bless their sweet hearts.

  • TheGodThatFailed

    Oh of course, a big internet tough guy.

    It’s shocking how many people harbor fantasies of injuring or killing other people.

    • Sandy

      It makes me wonder if these idiots are sitting on a bench somewhere watching these precious, innocent children get hurt>>>NOW THAT IS SICK, and how would anyone know they are watching. Sick Sick Sick….God Bless these adorable innocent children just want to have a fun day at the park.

  • Matt

    Is no one telling off thefodthatfailed? This guy seems a bit too eager to defend the people that did this. You obviously have no kids, sense of right and wrong or moral compass. Go take yourself out of the gene pool.

  • Mark

    All of you that say violence is not the answer, I can agree with if there was any sort of worthwhile punishment or fine put on them. However as a parent if one of these hurt my kid, I would have no problem putting one of these punks in the hospital. This is BS why can’t people leave our parks nice and appreciate the things we have. Other kids use trash to play soccer and we destroy our nice stuff.


  • Emilia

    you have to hang them up side down and cut their hand with the razorblades. that will teach them not to do that again. thats brutal but it has to be done.

  • Tammy

    Whomever the person or people are that did this need to be caught and punished for their crime. This should definitely not go without punishment of some sort. It’s got to be seious enough that they won’t think about doing this again!!

  • Roger Miller

    Absolutely sick/stupid. If they get this idiot, use a razor blade and take away their ability to have kids!!!

  • Mandles

    I’d be for gettin’ that kid in for blood tests. Make sure that nothing was infected. I’ve heard of twisted monsters putting AIDS infected needles behind gas pumps here in my town. The local police department just posted a warning on their facebook about it a couple of months ago, actually.

      • Jenny

        That is, hands down, the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Apparently this is news to you, so try to pay attention: the HIV virus cannot survive outside of a human host. The virus is dead within 7 seconds of exposure to air. Ignorant people like you and the idiots who listen to you are why people panic about these things without learning, I don’t know… FACTS. Attempted murder? An act of terrorism? Please. I admit, it’s a disgusting thing to do, but my kids get hurt worse on roller blades.

    • Grow A. Brain

      Good lord. Infected blood? Didn’t ANYBODY pay attention in science class? Any infection in blood would die in seconds once the air hit it. But let’s not let the facts get in the way of all the Dr. internets here. Attempted murder? You people are adorable.

  • Sheila Rogge

    The people who did this ( teens or not teens) should be put in prison for attempted murder!!! If It were up to me they should then lace there cells with razors so they have to carefully touch EVERYTHING and some things they HAVE to get cut with. That is what I think should happen. They should get AT LEAST 10 years. At least. That is me being NICE. Agree or dont IDK. You can say you shouldnt use violence to cure violence BUT I am not trying to cure anything…I am simply trying to PUNISH. I dont care whether they get straight or not. To me whoever did this is LONG gone in there minds…..Evil. I doubt they will ever feel bad about it……To me judging by the way it was done however….It actually looks like an adult did it and KNEW what they were doing…..Putting a razor in a SLIDE for there poor little butts to get cut. FUckers.

  • Jay

    The person that did this wanted to grievously harm another human being.

    You have also admitted to wanting to grievously harm another human being.

    What makes you any better than the person behind this? “I didn’t do anything”? You’ve already displayed a desire to harm someone else – why shouldn’t a sick freak like you be locked up as well? For all we know you could explode at any minute.

  • Max

    please, it would take only a second to give them what they deserve, their throat slashed with the razor blades that they play their sick tricks with..

  • Starr

    It’s things like this that make me want to leave the midwest… many people here are just sick. I almost guarentee it was teenagers that did this.

  • Laura

    Instead of complaining about grammar or placing blame on which age group is more capable these actions let’s think about the repercussions we are all going to take to make to ensure our children don’t get hurt at playgrounds. What about copycats on school playgrounds. What are schools going to do to secure our children’s safty on the playgrounds there?

  • melissa

    Leave it up to the law????? They will get a slap on the hand and while that baby suffers……god be with you my friends if you come to my town at my park where my kids play……

  • hubsabubs

    No different then when I was a kid, and used to check coin slots on payphones or soda machines for quarters… Find a dirty needle inside stuck through a piece of paper stating “Welcome to AIDs”.. Or the local Ice Cream truck driver dipping the lick n stick tattoos in LSD and selling em to kids for the fun of it… Sick people in the world, and everyone wonders why I am the way I am with my kids.

  • TK

    Ok for those of you that keep making comments about the blade placement…. really??? my husband picks up our son and puts him on this shoulders at the park to do the monkey bars and hes 2. Also there were 12 blades placed around so it could have happened elsewhere and the pick is just showing the ones at the monkey bars!!!! READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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