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Local girl needs your help to get around

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It's a contest that could change an eight-year-old Rock Island girl's life and her mom's as well.  The child was born with Spina Bifida and the family's now asking the community for help.

Eight-year-old Cecilia Padilla's room is covered in her favorite color purple, along with posters and pictures of boy bands.

"She's just a typical normal eight-year-old, I mean she does all the normal things that all the other eight-year-olds like to do," said Cecilia's mom, Alexis Gluck.

However, Cecilia hasn't had it as easy as other kids her age. When Gluck was four months pregnant she learned her daughter would be born with Spina Bifida.

"It caused a lot of different issues we deal with and one of the biggest we're dealing with right now is the orthopedic issues. She's got very brittle leg bones that have caused multiple breaks," said Gluck.

Cecilia has had 29 major surgeries.

"I have to carefully lift her out and her legs don't bend the way ours should bend exactly and with her having brittle leg bones just getting her into a car is dangerous," said Gluck.

Which is why family friends nominated them for the National Mobility Dealership Association contest. The winner will receive a vehicle modified for their personal need.

"It's really cool, because I could just get in the van by myself," said Cecilia.

On top of medications and driving to Peoria several times a month to see specialists, it's a cost they can't afford.

"We just do not have the money to support something that big," said Gluck.

All they're asking for is a simple vote -- click here.

"It just takes a few minutes and it could change a life forever," said Gluck.

Gluck has always created a Facebook page to gives updates on Cecilia and for people to send prayers.

People have until May 9th to vote. From there judges will narrow it down to the top 10 percent with the most votes then choose three winners.


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