Vino Vaso helps make anyone an artist

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To find ones inner artist, it is nice to have a little help. Vino Vaso, an event held at Faithful Pilot Café, in Le Claire, Iowa, combines wine, wine glasses, and paint.

“The wine tasting was a good draw,” said Kathy Mangan.

In one hand, the artist has a glass of wine. In the other, an empty glass as their canvas.

“Everybody has an inner artist and this is a way for you to get it out,” said Aimee Ford.

Ford and the General Manager of Faithful Pilot Café came up with Vino Vaso, which means wine glass, after seeing events where people could drink wine while painting on a canvas.

“I just feel like I could do it better, I could do it bigger, I could make it more fun,” said Ford.

15 to 20 people who don’t all consider themselves artists,

“Never, never,” said Mangan.

“Uh no, that's definitely not uh, not something I would say is a talent I was given,” said Nicole Besse.

Use a variety of colors and paint brushes to paint images they’ve colored on lined paper or found on their phone onto the glass.

“We like the idea of the wine glass and displaying our art on a different medium,” said Besse.

“I would use a wine glass more than a picture... not that I drink that much wine,  I'm just saying,” said Mangan.

“It's time to get together and have something fun you can take home and then break out again later on,” said Ford.

The event cost $40. Ford said the next event will be for beer and beer glasses. The best place to find when the events are scheduled is on Vino Vaso’s Facebook page.

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