Moline Police: Shoplifter rams squad car, gets away

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Police say a woman rammed a squad car and got away from Moline Police who were trying to arrest her and several others for shoplifting.

At SouthPark Mall, officers arrested three juvenile girls on Tuesday, March 18, 2014, who were suspected of working with adults to steal thousands of dollars worth of clothes from Illinois and Iowa stores, according to Detective Scott Williams from the Moline Police.

Williams said Jalissa Shantil March, 25, was driving when she rammed a squad car and knocked a policeman down with her car door before leaving the scene.

The officer was not hurt.

Williams said they were still searching for March, who had a warrant out for her arrest in Rock Island County for an unrelated retail theft.

Jalissa March

Jalissa Shantil March, photo from Moline Police Department


  • Theresa

    and if you look at her history and how many times she has been arrested if they made her do hard time the office would not have been hit she is a career criminal and she is a habitual driver while barred surprise that shoplifting rings goes from chicage to peroia th qaud cities and des moines then back she is part of it

  • Nicole

    Um mm Arariel I’ve worked at Southpark and you’d be amazed by how many rich little white girls steal ( with money in their pocket) they do it because they can get away with it became Noone suspects them.

  • Theresa

    her color doesn’t matter not only does she have a warrant in rock island but she has 4 warrants in scott county that should tell you what type of person she is i trespassed her at a store i ran and so have a lot of other managers because she steals and the funny thing she gets state aid that we pay for nice how the system works her brother just got out for theft along with her cousins its a family affair it always has been

  • lady karma

    About time they caught her shes making a living out of being a THEIF the whole March family is it will never change has kids to get a welfare check to spend on drugs instead of diapers food clothing or even a roof over her head this criminal breaks into her own family members home stole from her grandmother before she died I feel no remorse at all for her she is finally getting the time shes needed for YEARS she fights vandalizes steals dwb lock her up and throw away the key hopefully this time they dont just give her a slap on the risk her brother is in prison right now on burglary charges when will this madness end

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