Niabi Zoo gets new animals

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The Niabi Zoo has three new animals at the zoo for the 2014 season.

The zoo has not replaced the elephant exhibit yet. Zoo Director Marc Henizman says his crews are still trying to decide how to replace Babe and Sophie. He said rhinos are a possible replacement.

The zoo already has two new endangered species for the spring.

One of them a snow leopard named Kira.  She came to the Quad Cities from Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Heinzman also helped bring in a new male red wolf. Heinzman hopes the red wolf mates with the female they already have to make pups this spring.

"Wolf pups are just like dog puppies," Heizman said. "They're adorable, and I think people would really get a kick out of seeing them out there."

There's also a new female black and white Colobus monkey that was born at the zoo in December of 2013.

Also new for 2014, Heinzman says his zookeepers will start to feed the snakes in front of visitors, so people can learn how the snakes attack their prey.

The zoo opens Monday, April 7th. It's open seven days a week until 5 p.m.

If your child would like the chance to be a Zookeeper for the Day at the zoo, click here.

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  • Colleen Finley

    Channel 8 Television says that Niabi is “still trying to decide how to replace Babe and Sophie”. There is NO replacing Babe and Sophie. I knew things of this nature would happen when I heard that Tom Stalf was leaving.

    Tom worked so hard to make that zoo one of the very best. He had people like world renown Jack Hanna requesting Niabi animals for national television shows that he appeared on. Mr. Stalf got our Niabi on the registry of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. How impressive is that for our zoo?

    Who wants rhinos? They do little but stand around looking dirty. Elephants are constantly moving about their enclosure and are interesting and a joy to watch. I seem to remember that Tom Stalf was raising money to put toward enlarging the elephant enclosure to meet the requirements of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. Where is that money today? If it was being raised and designated for that site, then that is exactly where the money should have went to keep our elephants here.

    Niabi needs zookeepers that are worthy of those positions and knowledgeable about their animals.The still “own” Babe and Sophie? Big deal. We cannot see them at Niabi, which is their rightful home.

    Bluntly put, there is NO replacing Tom Stalf, and there definitely is NO “replacing” Babe and Sophie!

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