Viral Video: You may never see a hockey fight end like this again

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  • Mike

    I love hockey more than any other team sport. Also, enjoy the fighting to some degree & would not want it to go away. But this was a bit hard to watch. And if hockey wants to avoid what’s happening to the NFL re; concussions & head injuries, they”re going to have to cme up with some solution.

  • Rizzo

    Completely agree with ‘Mike’. Hard to watch. Pointless that it went so long. I think in the end, Hockey without this sort of brutality is not the worst of worlds.

  • Matt

    Give it up rizzo … No one forced you to watch it… It comes with the sport. You stand up for your team member. They don’t get the saying blood sweat and tears from group hugs on the ice… Watch ballet. Seems like your thing ;)

    • Eldorado Legolas Princeton

      Matt, fortget about ballet. Have you ever seen the ”Swan Lake” by Tchaïkovsky? Thins get pretty brutal when the swan’s newborn baby gets killed by a monk. It’s like a moshpit in a ballet.

  • ktg

    This was completely ridiculous, pointless, not sure what the purpose of the refs here are, not sure what the purpose of the “fight” was, This appeared to be more like a fake “wrestling” match to engage the sheep.

  • Steven Giaquinta

    Fights not only stem from anger and frustration at times, they also serve as a catalyst to gain spirit and momentum for your team. It also gets the crowd into the game which can add momentum for your team. Then there’s also the purpose of making a statement… “Bullying or cheap-shotting our skilled players will result in having to deal with our fighter(s)”. This mindset helps prevent teams from deliberately hurting other teams’ star players. You think this doesn’t happen in sports? Google the NFL team that had a “bounty program” offering rewards for physically injuring other teams’ quarterbacks. So if you don’t like fighting in hockey it is absolutely your right not to watch… and no disrespect but most of us fans don’t want you watching anyway.

    • Bear

      Sorry, but where I come from, Syracuse, NY, minor league hockey IS universally acknowledged as a fighting sport. Perhaps a re-watch of “Slapshot: is in order for you sir!

    • Tim Scott Blakeman

      Ummm…Fighting is part of Hockey. Obviously you are not a Hockey fan otherwise you would know this. In other sports you would be fined or suspended but in Hockey all you get is a “Time out”….LOL.

    • Colorado Woody Menzel

      See if Americans played proper hockey, with a larger rink and strong penalties on checking there would be no need for the over aggression that occurs in Hockey. Make it more of a sport and less of a brawl on ice amongst grown men. Hockey can be a very graceful, elegant, and respectable sport, just not the way we play it in America.

    • Jake

      It’s always the people who don’t play hockey, and never have been a part of a hockey teams sense of brotherhood who cry about fighting just because they don’t understand what it means sticking up for your teamates

    • kevin

      Hockey has always had fighting in it. It is part of the sport as well as putting the puck in the net. So if you like sports where they fight you are welcome to watch with us, if not watch figure skating and shut up. Don’t come on here and make comments just to get a rise out of people.

  • Juan Carlos Hernandez

    ME MONGO, MONGO LOVE FIGHTING, RRGGHH RGGGHH..Honestly, was all that necessary? Are we still no learning anything from all the head injuries retired football players are suffering from after leaving the sport 10-20 years down the line? Theres a fine line, and these dudes went well over it, Caveman style. O’well, in 10 years or 20 Im sure they’ll have fun barely being able to remember how to tie a shoe.

  • Steve Jobs

    Lol at this offending the pussies. It will always be a big part of the game. Go watch some soccer aka diving

    • Colorado Woody Menzel

      Soccer, my friend has far more strategy than American hockey. Fights like this are only super prevelant in American hockey, where we play with nerfed rules compared to the rest of the world.

      • Victor Levy

        well done at displaying the complete ignorance you have of … hockey – there is no American or Canadian – there is field hockey – soccer with sticks really as the rules are closer to soccer … cozom or ball hockey but hardly professional… ice hockey if you MUST… and there is no Russian hockey either btw…

        it’s just hockey and you don’t like it – that’s ok – but I know that in a tough spot in a dark alley, I’d rather be a hockey player than a soccer player …

      • Courage

        “Soccer, my friend has far more strategy than American hockey”
        How much meth are you on dude? Soccer. You are on solid ground, with CLEATS on none the less to give you more traction, you kick the spherical object at what a 6 by 18 foot goal…..oh wait, you run a lot..not really a strategy but i’ll give it to you.

        Hockey: You are on ice skates, testing balance and stability with every stride. Very little friction. You have a hockey stick as your main source of control of a puck that is 1 inch thick and 3 inches in diameter. So While you’re on skates on a low friction terrain, you have to then concentrate on stick handling a puck so that it follows a direct course without an opponent stealing the puck away. Not to mention passing the puck to another team mate, matching speed to hit the target that is the blade of the hockey stick. The main objective is to put that puck in a net that is 4 feet wide and 6 fit tall, with a goalie who is made larger than his actual size because of massive pads.

        Please tell me more about how soccer reins supreme in strategy.

  • Chris Szatny

    Hockey players are awesome!!! Fighting has and will be part of the game, whether you like it or not. Great sport, great fans. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it…plain and simple.

  • Brian

    The people who are offended by this have never watched a hockey game in their life. Maybe you should watch the movie Goon and get a better perspective of why there is fighting.

  • R.G.

    north americans. invented the sport. more specifically, canadians did. hockey has always had fighting because its an entertaining aspect while at the same represents a type of strategy. you use larger, tougher players to actually keep the game less rough between the goalscorers and superstars. when you agree to fight with a visor or initiate a fight. you get extra minor. so those players tend to keep their game more chippy and try to do things that referees wont see when theyre upset. and then avoid all contact after the whistle is blown. enforcers are brought in on talented teams to defend the talent and say to another team, “if your going to attack our talented players. then well have a player that will make that player regret it.” some use the enforcer strategy in a more full way. try to bring talent in tough players like boston for example. and that way their players can play with the talent and push them around a little when they need scare a strong team off the puck more. in a contact sport intimidation is a key aspect in getting into the other teams head. making them think twice. and backing up that intimidation with swift punch to the head is a good way to do it. and for you idiots talking about regretting shit in your old age.. you are the ones missing out if youd rather be healthier in your old age and forfeit your youth full of mischief, fights, parties and young women. lol

    • Corey York

      Just going to clarify, CANADA DID NOT invent hockey. It was played by the natives in America and what is now Canada before Canada was even a country. It was brought to North America by the europeans well before Canada was established. Lets put this myth of Canadian invention behind us. They may have taught you that but we were also taught Columbus discovered America. d

  • wally Kodera

    Fighting has always been apart of hockey. What’s is the rush to try and stop it?? I here about concussions but then I don’t here any anyone say lets stop if. Fighting. Everyone knows what can happen with hits to the head but I don’t see any NFL or NHL or UFC fighters quitting over it. If you don’t like it then don’t watch it. Stop trying to change great games.

  • Julee

    My family is a hockey family and there are players on the team called renegades who are to start fights to liven up a boring game. Get the team and crowd going. One guy will go up to another and say ok are you ready, let’s do this and so the fight begins.

  • Manny

    I’m sure that was good for kids to watch,refs should have stopped it leave the boxing to boxers , what’s this world coming to!!!

  • Cole

    I dont get people that complain about concussions in pro sports… The players all know what they are getting into. Nobody is ignorant in the situation. If you cant deal with the risks associated with the sport you CHOOSE to play in order to make the large compensations (paychecks), then maybe you shouldn’t participate. People need to stop being so overly sensitive to the sport of hockey. Fighting is a KNOWN part of the game. If you dont want to see it, either close your eyes, or dont go, but please dont try to change something that the vast majority of fans enjoy.

  • Matt

    The overwhelming majority of fights in all of hockey are not players acting malicious towards each other. It is a part of the game that gets the crowds excited and enthusiastic, in turn boosting adrenaline in the players and building momentum and creating drive and inspiration for the players and their teammates. These fights can completely turn the tables on who is winning the game.

  • frankie

    Hockey players fight yea, its part of the game. They also have more respect for one another and defend each other more than any other sport. Hockey locker rooms and teams are very close. Any hockey player who has played at any level will agree to this.

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