Boat overturns in Mississippi River

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Two fishermen came to the rescue after two other people ended up in the frigid water when their boat capsized in the Mississippi River.

A witness said it happened near the Lock & Dam at Rock Island around 11 a.m. Tuesday, March 11, 2014.

A witness tells News 8 she was having breakfast at Rhythm City Casino when she saw two people waving for help in a boat.  Then the boat overturned, dumping the two boaters into the water.  The witness called 911.

Rescue crews were launched in Rock Island and Davenport, and the Coast Guard was also notified after the boat overturned.

Two fishermen in a separate boat became rescuers when they saw the other vessel having trouble and then overturn.  As they moved toward the capsized boat, the stranded fishermen managed to swim to the second boat.

After scrambling aboard the second fishing boat, they were taken to shore at Marquette Landing.  Both men appeared to be alert and responsive; an ambulance took one of the two rescued men to an area hospital.