Furniture delivery feud on Facebook sparks refund promise

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A Davenport woman says "buyer beware" when it comes to the liquidation sale at American TV and Appliance after she videotaped her showdown with a furniture delivery man to prove her point.

"They were the completely wrong chairs. I ordered a pub table, counter-height, and the chairs were standard.  So, not only were they not the right chairs, I couldn't even use them," said Sarah Cross about her recent purchase from American in Davenport.

The company announced in February all of its stores would be closing by the end of April.

Cross started taking video of the delivery man, after he adamantly refused to take the pieces back and told her, "It's not my fault."

"I demanded that he take the furniture out of my home, and he said he didn't have the room on his truck. I'm like, 'You just took it off your truck, you obviously have room to put it back on your truck,'" she said.

The next day, Cross says, she tried to at least assemble the dining room table but "it was all busted up, the two pieces wouldn't fit together," she said. "Enough is enough."

She says she posted the video of the delivery man on Facebook, and the mother of a manager at American took notice.  Although Cross wound up loading the items into her own truck, she has been told she will at least be getting a refund, in spite of the close-out sale's "no return" policy.

"If I hadn't taken the video, who knows what would have happened?" she said. "I'm like, 'Nobody's ever going to believe me unless I videotape this.'"

Still, in light of the store closing, and the fact that "it wasn't what i bought, it was broken, and they refused to take it out of my home," Cross says "buyer beware."

"I have not seen the refund in my bank account yet, but they say they have issued a refund."


    • Red74

      Arguing with a customer and saying “It’s not my fault” is “never” appropriate. He should have simply apologized and removed the furniture from her home. They obviously did not provide customer service training for their delivery people.

  • Mindy

    We bought a dishwasher and its missing parts and they said o well. They said its everything is as is! They stink

  • Phil

    The delivery guy did NOT handle that well at all. After the furniture is in the home and the customer inspects it, THEN they sign. If there’s an issue, it goes back on the truck. No questions asked. It was like this at two different furniture stores that I delivered for. At both places I would have been fired for acting like that, FULL truck or not. That guy was a clown, END OF STORY.

  • Red74

    Arguing with a customer and saying “It’s not my fault” is “never” appropriate. He should have simply apologized and removed the furniture from her home. They obviously did not provide customer service training for their delivery people. I was never a huge fan of American after we purchased 3 full sized mattress and box spring sets from them in 2009, the salesperson named “Norm” told us we should purchase the $70 mattress covers to protect them, because if we didn’t purchase them and anything happened to the mattresses, the warranty was no good… along with the $2,500 we spent on the mattress/box spring sets we believed him and spent the additional $210 (plus shipping/tax) and purchased these mattress covers. So when the mattresses were delivered we put the covers on right way. The first thing I noticed was that they were not a “water proof” or “water resistant” material… me, they were what I would consider to just be nothing more than a “dust cover”, so I called and spoke with Norm about my concerns and he assured me that we had to have those specific ones or else the warranty was no good. I still wasn’t convinced, but I believed him anyway. A couple months later….guess what, well, we found out the hard way that those were NOT the correct mattress covers. Customer Service told us there was absolutely nothing that they could do so they told us to contact the store directly……funny, “Norm” no longer worked there! After about a week of getting the “run around” from the people at that store, no one did “anything” about it….they basically said, “Sorry about your rotten luck!” …so we never spent another penny in that store ever again. So this story does not surprise me one bit. ugh!

  • keepingitreal

    I believe I heard the driver offer to come back to pick up the furniture. The Sharks are feeding now that blood is in the water and I am curious if American ever advertised on WQAD as they seem to relish on attacking a company already down.

  • Justin

    First world problems.
    The guy is instructed to deliver something, and probably on contract that is only paid if he delivers it. Also, he offered to come back and get it after she settled it with American.
    Apparently she settled it and is getting a refund.
    Is this really newsworthy?

  • pauley

    I swear people buy things just so they can do things like this… seriously its a closing sale it is final ….they all lost their jobs have a heart and get over yourselves..stop being attention hogs… and dont buy if your going to Complain and make peoples lives harder

  • Justin

    I bought a washer and dryer from there a few months ago. They didn’t leave me the dryer cord, and the washer didn’t work properly. I. called and told them, then loaded up the washer and took it back. They gave me a full refund. That’s the end of the story. You never heard about this on the news because I’m not a self important drama queen.

  • Jack Rabbit

    I had nothing but delivery problems from American. It’s bad enough it took over four months to get in a simple end table, but the delivery people kept giving me dates and times, and then not showing up. Three times this happened before they managed to actually show up with it.

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