Snowstar cashes in on old man winter

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While old man winter is still sticking around, it's great news for some especially for those who are hoping for more time on the slopes.

It's been a great year for Ski Snowstar, Mother Nature hasn't kept skiers and snowboarders away.

"I'm out here every weekend, once during the week for sure," said skier Bill Swartz.

While most people are ready to say goodbye to winter, others want it to stick around.

"Oh I love it, heck with summer. Man this is great, keep it, we like it," said Swartz.

For Ski Snowstar this winter has been great for their business.

"We have a very narrow window to make our dollar, typically we like to see about 70 day season and you know now we're looking at 80 days already," said owner Ed Meyer.

The more it snows the less they'll have to make too.

"You got great snow all winter long. You don't have to worry about making snow every time you turn around," said Meyer.

With their average closing date March 7th, they're confident they'll be open a lot longer this year.

"Not only is it great skiing conditions, but its great for the mentality of me and my workforce," said Meyer.

There has been one downfall, Ski Snowstar had to cancel their annual Slush Pit Splash since the snow hasn't been able to melt.  They're now looking at March 16, 2014.