Illinois Goodwill worker finds $2,600 in donated clothing

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A Goodwill store manager says she’s working to find the person who donated clothing that contained $2,600.

An employee of the store in Glen Carbon, Illinois found the money inside a piece of donated clothing Monday afternoon, March 3, 2014 according to our sister station, KTVI.

The worker could have easily pocketed the money, but opted to turn it in to the store manager.

This was the second time cash was found in donated clothing.  The first time involved about $7,500 in cash that was stashed in a shoebox by a lady before she passed away.

Store manager Cissy Altevogt said they used surveillance video and receipt records to narrow the latest discovery down to three or four donors, and they were working to find the rightful owner of the cash.  If the owner isn’t found within 30 days, the money would go to benefit Goodwill programs.

Altevogt says donors should slow down and check each item before putting it into a donation bag, box or bin.

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