Round one of concealed carry permits arriving in Illinois

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Rock Island County has received 132 applications from citizens who want to carry a concealed weapon as of Tuesday, March 4th.

The first 5,000 permits needed to carry concealed guns in Illinois began arriving in applicants' mailboxes the first week of March.

Rock Island County Sheriff Jeff Boyd says so far, he and his staff have only objected to one application.

"In this case, the red flag on the gentleman is he's not a U.S. citizen, and we can't find anything that would identify where he is or who he is," said Boyd.

Illinois State Police have the final say on who is approved for the permits, and they have so far denied 300 people after conducting background checks.  Another 800 are still pending for further review.

Police say about 50,000 applications for concealed carry have been received statewide so far.

Local law enforcement agencies across the state are training for how to deal with legally-armed citizens on calls.  There may be a learning curve for the public, too.

"If you have a doubt, if you see someone at a school event that has a weapon, let us know. Let us handle it. The only thing I tell people is not to confront, even if you're a licensed holder yourself," Boyd said.