Calf kept in farmer’s home to protect against bitter cold

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Ruby the calf photo from WDAF-TV

Ruby the calf photo from WDAF-TV

A Missouri cattle farmer says he kept a newborn calf in his living room to protect the animal from below-freezing temperatures.

Ruby, the new calf, was born Sunday, March 2 on the Kohlstaed family cattle farm in Wellington, Missouri.  Brian Kohlstaed said Ruby nearly died after being born slightly premature and in very cold weather conditions.  Brian said Ruby only weighed 65 pounds, and that her ears and nose were frozen according to our sister station, WDAF-TV.

“You can’t control the weather, and this time of year, it’s supposed to be 40 degrees, but we’re below zero,” said Brian. He’s a second-generation cattle farmer who says he and his wife, Margaret, took Ruby into the house for protection and extra care.

“I’ve had cattle since I was born, and I can’t remember having more than a dozen in the house in 50 years,” Brian said.

The couple was bottle-feeding Ruby, and later had to take the calf to a vet because she wasn’t eating like she should.

Source:  WDAF-TV

Facebook post asking for prayers for Ruby the calf

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