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Mother Nature puts a freeze on spring sports

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With 16 days until spring, winter is not letting up.  But, snow or no snow, softball practice must go on, leaving teams to figure out how to get around the weather.

March 3 was the first day of softball season and the Mercer County Golden Eagles field was empty. The only thing covering the bases was snow.

"We're always so excited for the 1st day of season, you can't wait for it to come, and it's just, like, all this negative-degree weather," said softball coach Cassidy Staker.

The weather is forcing the team to bundle up and practice in a parking lot, and to trade the softball diamond for a hardwood gym floor.

"Practicing inside, I mean, it's a lot more compact, you can't do as much," said first basemen Cayley Staker.

They're trying to prepare for their first game.  The season is supposed to begin in a couple of weeks.

"That first game is going to be rough if we haven't practiced outside at all," said third basemen Kate Baugher.

However, they might be facing a season like last year, where they have to reschedule a lot of games due to weather.

"When we start looking at pushing games back and rescheduling games towards later in the season, we're playing four to five games a week. The girls get tired, " said coach Staker.

When it comes to playing softball, bad weather comes with the sport.  All you can do is work with what you have.

"You want to be outside and you want to get ready for the upcoming games, but you got to do what you can do," said Cayley.

Weather permitting, the Golden Eagles' first game was scheduled for March 17th.