Pay It Forward: Rocky’s Dedicated Mentor

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One thing about Rocky, it's a big school.

You need to walk far to get to where you need to be.

But one of the lessons you get in high school is that the destination is often worth the trip.

That's also true for Chauncia Clark who thinks the Rock Island High School registrar is also worth the trip.

"On behalf of Ascentra Credit Union and Channel 8 News, we would like to give you 300-dollars for you to "Pay It Forward" for being such an amazing person and always putting others before yourself and always sacrificing and taking others under your wings," said Chauncia as she handed the money to registrar Sa-Tosha Phillips.

Sa-Tosha Phillips is right where she wants to be.  As Registrar at Rock Island High School, she comes into contact with young men and women every day.

These are young people at the crossroads of their life.

"The children here, they just don't know what they do for me: they give me strength and passion," says Sa-Tosha.

"My passion increases because they need someone to be good role models in their lives."

Sa-Tosha's family, daughters and granddaughter alike, attest to her ability to reach others in school in church, and in the community.

"Even if she doesn't have much to give, she still finds within herself, the simplest thing to give, as simple as love," says Chauncia.

"Together we make it, together we serve," says Sa-Tosha.

"We're a school of excellence and excellence only comes from giving hard work."

It's her way of making a big school like Rocky, a smaller place where you can succeed.

"When you have a goal set in mind, don't let nothing stop you.  Be very positive, be very encouraged, be very prayerful because what God has for you, no one can stop that."

Sa-Tosha says she'll use the money to hand out to several people to "Pay It Forward".

If you know of someone worthy of helping others "Pay It Forward" just click here for the application form.

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