Extreme cold could affect local eagles’ nests

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Decorah eagle nest photo captured by video from Raptor Resource Project

Below zero temperatures and wind chills colder than 20 degrees below zero could affect eggs recently laid at area eagles’ nests.

The first eggs of 2014 appeared at the nests in Decorah, Iowa and at Alcoa’s Davenport Works on Sunday, February 23, 2014.  Monitors said one egg was laid at each of those nests early that evening.

A spokesman for Alcoa’s Davenport Works said there is some concern for the impact extremely cold weather conditions might have on the eggs in the days right after they were laid.

“I would say it is a concern because we have not seen weather this cold once (the eagles) have laid eggs,” said spokesman John Riches.  “Ultimately, I don’t think we have a way to know until we get to the expected time of hatching, and either they do or they don’t (hatch).”

A post on the Raptor Resource Project Facebook page said a surveillance camera captured video of the mother eagle shredding a cornstalk for extra protection against the cold for herself and her egg.

Watch the Alcoa EagleCam – click here.

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